Is this keeping you stuck (and sick)?

Is this keeping you stuck and sick

How easy do you find it, to let people down?

As in … how ‘ok’ are you, with choosing your own basic (or not-so-basic!) needs over others needs, from time to time?

In my work, ALL of my clients are women who struggle with one or more of the following things:

/ Burnout
/ Adrenal fatigue
/ Overwhelm
/ Hormonal imbalances
/ Chronic exhaustion
/ Anxiety
/ Insomnia

… the list goes on.

I’m not kidding, every single one of my lovely clients is a combination of these things (I also used to be ALL these things, and can sometimes end up back there if I’m not careful). 

And I’m willing to say that ALL of these beautiful women have, at some stage (but usually for their whole lives), been chronic people pleasers.

That’s right, I attract the wonderful people-pleasing women of the world … the ones that make sure that EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is sorted out, before meeting their own needs.

(I know I attract this because I am constantly teaching what I also need to learn. What a gift!).

And the honest truth is … 

You can take as many supplements and eat as many organic foods as you want … but if you are not willing to address your people pleasing tendencies, and prioritise your health, wellness and life fulfilment as much as you prioritise the needs of others … it is going to very difficult for you to ever feel truly better. 

The constant and incessant prioritisation of other people above ourselves, is what keeps us stuck, and sick.

Because … there is ALWAYS going to be something more to do.

The ‘to-do’ list will never be done.

Someone is always going to need just a little bit more from you.

If you don’t prioritise some of your own time and energy to look after YOU – body, mind, and soul – the world will most certainly suck that time and energy of yours, into something else.

If you do not have non-negotiable things that you do to make sure that you thrive, you will always find an excuse for why you ‘don’t have the time’ to change your life and your health.

If you continually say, ‘I’ll work on myself when x, x and x are done’, it is likely that, in fact, you will probably never work on yourself (until your precious body forces you to!).

I get that there are a lot of people, things, situations and commitments that need your time and energy.

But … YOU also need some of your own time and energy.

Things like hormonal problems and adrenal fatigue and burnout … are often just letting us know that something (desperately) needs to change.

Are you listening? 

All love –


Beth x


Naturopath / Women’s Life Coach // Melbourne, Australia / Skype /


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