Learning to (finally) acknowledge yourself.

Beth Bridges

Do you feel resentful about how much you do for other people? 

Lately, so many women (from both my work and personal life), have shared with me that they feel unacknowledged, uncared for, and as though no one is really taking much notice of them (even when they are taking SO much notice of everybody else).

I have definitely been in this space myself before – many times.

I used to run around like a headless chook, taking care of everything for everyone … and then wind up feeling rundown and resentful. Wondering WHY other people weren’t noticing how much I was doing, and giving me the same care in return.

What I have come to deeply realise, though, is that I can’t ‘expect’ anyone to acknowledge me. (Side note: expectations are the quickest way to disappointment). 

But, once I begin to truly acknowledge myself, care for myself, prioritise myself, and set proper boundaries in this world – then (and ONLY then), do the people in my life (and the world at large!) reflect that back to me.

When we value ourselves, the world values us.

When we take the time and effort and strength and courage to cultivate a strong sense of self-worth; when we learn to say no; when we learn to put ourselves at the top of our to-do lists … that is when everything changes. 

Truly, there is no point waiting for people to come along and make you feel better. Because unfortunately, the people in your life are most likely wrapped up in their own things that they have going on. And while they most certainly deeply care about you – you can’t expect them to read your mind. 

If you are feeling undervalued – it’s so often because you are undervaluing yourself. 

This was a hard one for me to grasp, but since I have, it has truly set me free.

Rather than waiting around for people to ‘save me’ from what I am feeling, I instead reach out for help.

I reach out, invest in myself, find ways to take care of my own body, mind, and soul – so I can set myself and others free of any expectations, and be available to just enjoy my time with the people in my life, rather than silently being resentful of them.

To sum it all up:

Give yourself what you need. 

The most important, valuable, and sacred relationship you will have in your life, is the one you have with yourself.

You are your own greatest commitment.

Treat yourself like the goddess that you truly are – and watch your relationships, your life, your world, your health … all change for the better.

So … when someone ‘disappoints’ you, how can you turn that around?

How can you turn it into an opportunity to give YOURSELF, that which you thought they should be giving you?

This changes everything.

All love to you –


Beth x


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