Let go, in order to receive.

Lately, from deep within myself I have been hearing the whispers of,

‘let go, let go, let go’ …

When I notice my body full of tension … ‘let go’

When I notice myself trying to predict and control the future … ‘let go’

When I’m in total resistance to what the present moment is offering me … ‘let go’

The thing is, I’ve gotten pretty great at letting go, especially over the past couple of years …

Because … 

Every time I thought something was ‘solidified’ in my life, it ended up being removed, reminding me that nothing (absolutely nothing) is permanent …

Whether this was a person, a part of my business, a home, a city, money, or another circumstance I had come to rely on …

Each time, each time some level of ‘security’ was gone, I was forced into surrender (because surrender is actually easier than suffering).

And now, at this point in my journey, while I’m nowhere near as controlling when it comes to life, I am still holding on in tiny little ways …

And lately, as I’ve been feeling into another big change I’m being beckoned from within to make, I’ve noticed little fears springing back up.

Wanting to know ‘what’s going to happen’.
Wanting to be able to ‘predict the future’.
Wanting to ‘plan ahead’.

And my body fills with tension …

… and my mind races …

… and my heart reminds me, ‘let go’

One of my beloved yoga teachers always says, as soon as we try to control life, life is actually in control of us.

I have to constantly remind myself that God knows better than I know.

And so, my invitation to you is to soften into the places where you want to CONTROL … to look at the parts of your life that you’re trying to force, and … just let go.

Let go, let yourself be emptied, so that you can be filled up with what’s truly yours.

Let go, in order to receive.

This human journey is epic, messy, wonderful, devastating … all of it.

I walk beside you in spirit and I honour you for what you move through in this moment.

The surrender is the sweetest exhale. It’s the giving over of ALL of your angst, to the Divine Intelligence that governs all things.

It is the greatest leap of faith, to let go. It’s the greatest act of courage. It is, all at once, the hardest and the easiest thing.

When they taught you that you were doing this life alone … that was a lie.

If you knew whose palm you were cradled in, you would never feel like you needed to control life again.

Let go.



Beth x



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