Letting go of ‘keeping the peace’.

Oh, how I used to love keeping the peace!

To have everyone pleased with me, to see everyone else happy … it made me feel safe.

Until it slowly began to dawn on me that the only person that was NEVER peaceful in all of it … was me.

Back when I was a good little girl, I kept the peace – walking on eggshells at the expense of my own needs.

It resulted in an incredibly stressed out nervous system and an inability to tend to my own self. I didn’t even know that was a thing.

Over many, many years … I’ve learnt that keeping the peace for everyone else is NOT my job.

My responsibility is to be my true and authentic self, with love and honesty.

Some people like it. Some people don’t. None of it is any of my business.

Now that I don’t keep the peace for everyone else … I have a lot more peace inside of me.

Inner peace. The only kind of peace you can ever cultivate.

You can never control the external. Only the internal.

Focus on cultivating your own inner peace, and trust that others are capable of doing the same.

You don’t need to create peace for them. In fact, you can’t. They can only do that themselves.

Keeping the peace … not so peaceful.

Inner peace … everything 🌸

A lot of women ask me … how can I overcome my people pleasing ways?

This is largely a process of unravelling the imprinting and conditioning that has been put upon you by society, family, teachers, and whoever else, throughout your lifetime.

We have been so deeply conditioned and programmed to be the martyr, to play the ‘good girl’, and to tend to everyone else’s needs before our own (very valid) needs.

Eventually, you will reach a point where this is no longer sustainable – usually this will be through an intense situation such as chronic adrenal fatigue, or a breakdown, or whatever else.

At this rock bottom point, you are literally forced to re-prioritise yourself. This is a blessing.

You can only ignore yourself for so long, before your body, mind and soul will scream at you to make change.

Are you listening?

With love, 


Beth x


Beth Bridges

Naturopath + Women’s Life Coach

Perth, AUS + Skype

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