Life is too short for dilly-dallying.

Life is too short

Have you ever (finally) taken a leap of faith, or made a long-awaited change, or done something you thought was a little ‘radical’ … and then wished you’d done it SO much sooner?

The thing with humans is …

Most of us know when we want to (or NEED to) make change …. but we can get stuck when we OVER-ponder the ‘what, when, how’ of it all.

We can dilly-dally around, waiting for the perfect time to ‘take the leap’ – whatever that leap may be.

But for so many … such dilly-dallying means that they NEVER TAKE THE LEAP.

Or they take it way later than they could have.

This is a very scary truth. 

You know why?

Because NONE of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. Really. None of us. 

While we spend all our time trying to decide ‘how’ to make the change we want to make … life is ticking past. Rapidly.

When we know we need to change something / start something / leave something / do something … the wisest thing to do (from a soul perspective) is to just ACT.
In some way.
Some tiny way.
To set the energetic ball rolling.

Your most fulfilling life is composed of all the little moments that you just decided to be brave and do what your HEART was telling you.
Even if it didn’t feel logical (it never does).

I’m not talking reckless abandon. At all.
I’m just talking … listening in to your wise + eternal higher self.
And listening to the guidance she has for you.

‘Cause … this guidance is YOUR PATH. 

And if you think you aren’t connected to your inner self, that you don’t have the ability to access that?

Spend 15 minutes a day, every day. in solitude. With you. No phones. No distractions. With the intention to LISTEN IN. If that feels impossible, you probably need longer than 15 mins!

Your most amazing life lies on the other side of being committed to drowning out the big noisy world … and listening to *yourself*.

You are more fabulous than anyone has ever told you! Listen to your amazing self.

Big love!


Beth x



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