A message of POSITIVITY and HOPE.

I wanted to send you a message of positivity and hope today …

This afternoon, I felt troubled about the state of life for so many right now …

There is SO much fear circulating in our world right now, about many different things …

And while I am not saying that such fears aren’t warranted, I also know that fear is such a low vibrational energy. It brings us all down, as a collective.

Some plans of mine got cancelled for the afternoon, so I jumped on the opportunity to head down to the beach for a quick swim.

I headed straight into the cool blue water, and dove right in (a lovely aura cleanse for some of that funky energy I was carrying!).

As I let the gentle waves sway me around in the water, I looked around me and thought … what a stunning world we live in.

That moment carried an energy of abundance, hope and safety for me. 

I knew, in that moment, that I was ok. And I reflected on the fact that when we look after ourselves and raise our own energy up (and clear away the yucky, low vibrational stuff), we raise up so many others.

YOU can be a beacon of hope, light, and positivity in the world right now, simply by choosing to change your thoughts and your energy. 

This doesn’t mean that you have to ignore what is happening around you in your life, or in the world. 

It just means that you choose a higher vibration to exist in. And when you do that, you uplift those around you (and even those who aren’t nearby).

One of the easiest ways to shift your energy is to choose different thoughts and words.

So, rather than being pulled excessively into the doom and gloom, why not try thinking along the lines of …

I trust whatever happens, and I know I will be ok.

I am safe. Life has my back.

I trust my body. I trust my immune system. I am so healthy.

I am consistently attracting abundance into my experience.

I am full of vitality.

When I serve myself, I can more easily serve others.

I am a powerful creator of my own life experience. I choose high vibrational thoughts and feelings.

I release what I cannot control into the hands of the universe, trusting that I am infinitely loved and looked after. 

You can choose some of your own high vibrational words, thoughts, and affirmations, too …

In addition to doing this, you can also >>

Fill your body with beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables

Hydrate with lots of filtered water

Get out in nature, dip your bare feet into the ocean or place them onto the earth

Pray and meditate upon the highest good unfolding for all beings

Visualise amazing health and well-being and safety for our entire planet

Spend time in community

Practice yoga or other mindful movement

Or WHATEVER makes you feel great …

Please remember that when you do whatever it takes for you to feel great, you raise your energy. When you raise your energy, you automatically uplift others. 

Be a beacon of light and hope for other people in these trying times.

Trust in nature. Trust your body to stay well (it is literally designed to do just that!). Trust that you are looked after. Trust in abundance.

>> You are more looked after and loved by this infinite universe, that you will ever realise. <<

Before I clicked ‘publish’ on this blog post, I prayed for the highest good of ALL who may read it.

That includes YOU!

Remember, you are supported by this universe. Trust the process of your life. Look after your energy. Choose your thoughts and words wisely. Stay in hope, love and light.

Sending all my love, 


Beth x



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