Why I’ll never diet again.

Why I'll never diet again

When you study nutrition or naturopathy, your life becomes an analysis of EVERYTHING you put past your lips.

It really does. Maybe not for everyone, but for me, it seemed like a necessary rite of passage for becoming a health practitioner.

But it’s not just within the walls of the lecture theatres. It seems like EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK, there’s a new article / blog / documentary / book with the new ‘secret’ of ‘how to eat’.

Mainstream society is being constantly subjected to conflicting information about what is and isn’t good for you … what diet’s ‘in’, what diet’s ‘out’ …

And really, it’s just … exhausting.

So, while that obsessive analysis around food and nutrition was a necessary part of me growing into the naturopath that I am, I’m so glad I’m past it.

The only diet I’ll ever follow again, is the one my own body dictates to me.

The Beth Diet.

This diet is a result of my ‘nutrition brain’ making friends with MY ‘intuitive knowing’ about what foods and beverages serve ME the most, on any given day.

It’s a great diet, and I never feel deprived, restricted, or depressed about ‘not being allowed’ to eat what I want.

Rather, I feel empowered about caring for my body, inspired to prepare beautiful food for myself, and amazingly satisfied and satiated after every meal (sans the guilt).

I know when to indulge, when to eat extra veggies, when to avoid something or eat more of something else.

My one and only desire whenever I eat: to NOURISH. Body, mind and soul.

The Beth Diet requires a few things:

  • discernment (the ability to judge well whether what I’m about to eat is going to nourish me)
  • honesty (to admit when something I’m consuming on a regular basis ISN’T serving me)
  • connection (to my body, so I can listen to its wise messages which are telling me what it NEEDS)
  • willingness (to dedicate a small part of every day to doing what’s best for my health, and to LET GO of restricting ideas about eating that I learned in the past)

The thing is, we all innately know what’s good for us, and what isn’t.

I definitely don’t follow a sugar-free dairy-free gluten-free alcohol-free caffeine-free meat-free grain-free diet.

I’ll never declare myself as ‘___’ – free ever again.

I don’t need to … because that doesn’t feel good to me.

However, I will continue to consciously, on a meal-by-meal, beverage-by-beverage basis, tune into how I FEEL, and ask myself whether what I’m about to eat or drink is going to deplete me, or nourish me. That’s ultimately what it comes down to.

This is not a blog about what to eat, and what not to eat.

My intention here is to simply point out: you have the ability to take your own health back into your own hands, without the restrictive diet(s).

Do whatever you need to do to get there – experiment with different foods, educate yourself, consult a healthcare practitioner.

It’s a journey (I’m testament to that), but once you get to that place of confidence with your eating and your health, your entire life will change.

Why? Because you’ll no longer be stressing about ‘what to eat’. You’ll just enjoy your food, knowing that it’s serving you on every level. Which will free up SO much mental, physical and emotional energy, for other more worthwhile pursuits.

Food freedom awaits you!


Beth x


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