On the day you die …

Beautiful human,

On the day you die …

You will not wish you’d been thinner.⠀
You will not wish you’d met the standards of the crazy society we live in. ⠀
You will not wish you’d rushed more, to get it ALL DONE.⠀
You will not wish you had kept the peace for everyone (at the expense of your own needs and well-being).⠀
You will not wish you’d pleased more people.
You will not wish you’d suppressed the desires of your heart.
You will not wish you’d walked on eggshells to not upset anyone just by being yourself.
You will not care about what you ‘own’. ⠀
You will not define your ‘success’ by anyone else’s standards. ⠀
You will not be upset that someone didn’t like you or that someone didn’t approve of you.

But …

You WILL wish you’d loved your body, in every moment, as it gracefully carried you through your life. ⠀
You will wish you’d GONE FOR IT, with whatever desires laid within your heart.⠀
You will wish you’d said no more, so that you could say a big YES to your soul.⠀
You will wish you’d learnt to prioritise yourself.⠀
You will wish you’d been so, so brave. ⠀
You will wish that you’d realised, earlier on, that most of what we think matters so much, actually doesn’t matter at all. ⠀
You will wish that you’d made your choices from a place of love and trust, not fear.
You will wish you’d stopped more often, to wonder at the true marvel and miracle that is human life.
You will wish you’d taken that leap of faith.

You get to choose how you will reflect on your life, the day you die.

Your actions and choices today, right now, determine how you will look back on your life.

You are an eternal soul. This life is simply a temporary experience. Nothing matters quite as much as you think it does.

Have FUN. Make it what you want it to be. Let go of what others think. Learn to say no when you need to … so you can say yes to yourself. Don’t put up with anything that doesn’t serve you.

You can have the experience of life that you really want. It starts right now …

Choose wisely, in every moment 🤗

It is so important that you take life by the hands, and dance with it, while you still have a chance.

Happy dancing –


Beth x


Beth Bridges

Naturopath + Women’s Life Coach

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