Get out of your head, and into your heart.

Get out of your head, and into your heart


For those of us who struggle with it consistently (aka, feeling like you are seriously drowning within your own life), getting out of the mind-space – and into the heart-space – can be a serious challenge.

Overwhelm is an insidious ‘ruiner’ of one’s day-to-day experience of life – and I barely know a woman who doesn’t tell me that this is one of her greatest struggles.

Overwhelm sets in when we feel that we simply have too much on our ‘life plate’ – and not enough support.

Support in the mental, physical, emotional AND spiritual sense. (Even though, we often DO have support – we either aren’t noticing it, or we aren’t asking for the support that could be there).

We feel like there are: 

/ Too many people relying on us, for too many things.
/ Too many jobs, tasks and responsibilities that we perceive only we could do properly.
/ Too many things plugged into the google calendar, not enough white space.

We become, in so many ways, human DOINGS, rather than human BEINGS.

There is always so damn much to DO. To get done.

And we turn into these work horses – constantly getting stuff done, getting stuff done. For everybody else, but rarely for ourselves. What is the point??

Living like this catapults us straight into the head – the mind-space. Our mental energy gets entirely wrapped up in our to-do list. We feel dizzy (literally) thinking about the weight of our responsibilities.

And I don’t know about you, but when I get into a really serious space of overwhelm, it paralyses me. Anxiety and an intense feeling of ‘flightiness’ take me over (for those of you familiar with Ayurvedic medicine, this is a very ‘Vata’ symptom). I feel impossibly ungrounded. In this space, I am truly useless.

This was me at the beginning of this week. Normally, I can get myself out of this space pretty easily – with some yoga, or a brisk walk to bring me back into my body. But nothing was helping!

And so, yesterday afternoon I booked in for some acupuncture. After my ten minute ramble at the start of our session, my acupuncturist giggled at me (in the kindest of ways). ‘Let’s get you out of your head’, she said. (Ummm, yes please!).

She worked with the acupuncture points that helped to pull all my Qi (energy) out of my head and back down into my body, thus quieting my mind. And (as acupuncture always does!), it really worked.

This is not the first time I’ve been told by one of my several dear practitioners, 

Out of your head, out of your head … and into your heart. 

When I get too wrapped up in the overwhelm, in the doing, in the productivity and busyness … I literally need people to remind me of this. And, like yesterday, I often seek energy work (acupuncture, chiropractic, kinesiology) to help me get the energy flowing through my body the way it’s supposed to.

You see, our body knows better than our mind.

Our energy, our life force, knows so much better than our mind.

When I’m balanced and taking really good care of myself, I never doubt my heart, my intuition, my hunches. Ever. I always know exactly what I need … and exactly what is best for me. Choices come easily.

But when I’m stuck in my mind? Everything feels hard. Sticky. Mountains get made out of molehills. I forget the wisdom that I am constantly imparting to others:

I will die one day. None of this daily hum-drum even matters …

Like, seriously. Most of the things we worry about do not matter. 

Today, I am really glad to be feeling so much better. It did take that acupuncture to re-balance me. Often, all it takes is a little meditation. Or a beach walk. But I was REALLY floating away in my anxiety yesterday.

Today, I’m not worried about my to-do list. I’m doing things one by one, and none of it has that excessive, overwhelming urgency.

Today, I am just so grateful to be alive, in my body. I’ve been for a walk in the sun and later, I will meditate – residing in my heartspace – so that I can continue to remain connected to this truth:

The heart, the intuition, the higher self … these are where all my answers lie. In the stillness. 

And, nothing really matters, that much. 

And so, if you, too, have been anxious, overwhelmed, or really struggling of late, I share this story of mine in the hopes that it will inspire you to do something to break out of it.

Go and get some energy work, a treatment of some sort. Take yourself into nature. Have a sick day. Say no to something (and maybe yes to something else, something you truly WANT to be doing).

Above all, remember to do whatever it takes to get out of your head, into your heart. Your heart knows what is best for you. Trust!

With love – 


Beth x


Naturopath / Women’s Life Coach // Melbourne, Australia / Skype /


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