The difference between procrastination, and knowing when to pause.


Modern society is all go, go, go.

Reward for constant action.
Work hard, get validation.
Busy equals better.

So, it’s no wonder we’re living in an age of chronic depletion, exhaustion, burnout, adrenal fatigue, and imbalanced hormones.

These days, it’s truly a gift to have the ability to drown out the expectations of society, and tune in to yourself. 

In any given moment, your body, mind and soul can direct you to your most efficient and productive course of action. 

(It’s just that, sometimes, your most efficient and productive source of action might be to take a nap. Or to sit still for ten minutes with a tea. Or to get out of the house / office and clear your mind with a short stroll).

Why do we feel so guilty when we take time to restore?

My friends, there’s a huge difference between procrastination and percolation. 

Procrastination is avoidance. It’s the ‘putting off’ of a task that we know is important, that we know is going to further us, enrich our lives / work / existence. It gives us that guilty feeling, because we know the avoidance of whatever it is, is actually holding us back.

Percolation is completely different.

Percolation is allowing something to brew. It’s allowing clarity to arise before taking action, so that when you execute that action – you do it in the very best way possible.

We absolutely need percolation. It’s where the good stuff flows from. Our most inspired work, comes from this space.

Knowing the difference between procrastination and percolation will save you a lot of self-berating and self-criticism.

Being confident in your choice to stop, to take a break, to let clarity in – that’s going to really change your life.

Next time you really know that whatever you’re doing or working on would be much better served by a version of you that’s clear-headed, calm, and present, take a break.

Next time you feel that you’d be better off going for a walk, or having an early lunch break, than continuing to persevere with that project, listen. 

Work hard, but be smart and intuitive about it.

Gone are the days of believing that working ourselves to the bone, is the best way to produce great things.

Truly great things are produced when the person producing them, is in tune with every aspect of themselves.

Your own well-being and happiness are reflected in your work.

You must tend to every area of your life, for every area of your life to reflect greatness.

With love, and permission to percolate, whenever you need to –


Beth x


Naturopath / Women’s Life Coach // Melbourne, Australia / Skype /


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