Why ‘pushing through’ isn’t the answer.

Why 'pushing through' isn't the answer

When life feels busier than ever, it’s ridiculously easy to fall into the habit of ‘pushing through’.

We push through illness, we push through our emotions, we push through events and jobs and responsibilities that aren’t authentic to us.

Most commonly, doing what I do, I see people push through burnout and exhaustion.

We seem to think, if I can just get this thing done … THEN I’ll be able to rest. 

But that time never comes, because life inevitably demands our energy and attention be directed somewhere else.

And even though we feel utterly rundown, we at least feel like ‘good people’, because we have tended to everything that needed to be tended to, and pleased everyone, and kept the peace.

Except … there’s no peace in pushing through ALL the time.

When we ignore our inner guidance – our body, mind and soul – for too long, other problems inevitably pop up.

Physical signs and symptoms.
Extreme emotional ups and downs.
Imbalanced hormones.

And when it comes to wellness – which encompasses ALL levels of your being, not just your physical body – nothing can be ignored forever. Ignoring those little nudges, inevitably only leads to bigger ones.

Look … you can only ‘push through’ for so long, before you get delivered a bigger blow.

For some of us, we have literally been pushing through – ignoring how we REALLY feel, on all levels – for our entire life. It may seem that there’s never actually been a time that you can remember where you just let yourself BE. Let yourself truly heal, recuperate, relax. Think about it. When was the last time you felt TRULY well?

I felt like this through until my last year of studying naturopathy, a year during which I was so sick for so much of it, that I knew I couldn’t keep on ignoring my inner guidance and wisdom in the way that I had been doing, simply for the sake of ‘getting ahead’ and ‘getting things done’.

In the years since, as I’ve worked with beautiful clients as a naturopath and coach, I’ve realised just how very common it is for our modern society to completely ignore what’s happening within our very own being.

People come to me with a tremendous amount of signs + symptoms, with chronic anxiety, with their hormones ruling their life. Some say that there’s a huge sense of something missing in their life, but they can’t figure out what it is. There’s chronic PMS and period pain, every month. So many people tell me that they struggle to get out of bed every morning because they’re that exhausted.

But yet … we all still keep going.

We usually don’t make the change we really need to make, until we hit the lowest of lows.

(There is no judgement in my words here … I did the very same thing – while I was studying naturopathy, no less!).

The more I do this work, and the more in tune I become with my own self, the MORE I keep choosing to simplify my life.

Eliminating the things that exhaust me, slowly but surely.
Learning how to really know (and exert) my own boundaries.
Practicing saying no, even when it feels really hard (which it still does, often).

I spend time every single day, trying to tune in to what is actually authentic to me, and what I’m simply doing because I feel as though I ‘should’. There’s no race to get the things I want anymore – in fact, I’m quite content to be where I am, enjoying the process.

An awareness of my own mortality has brought with it an intense desire to enjoy my life right NOW. To be healthy and well and present. To spend each day doing the things that light me up. To do work that I actually enjoy.

Can you relate to that feeling of constantly pushing through?

Often, underneath it all, it’s driven by a constant desire to please, a need to be validated by the external world for ‘doing’ so much. A need to achieve things that sometimes aren’t even important to us!

But … you don’t have to live like that.

You are doing enough, no matter how much you are actually doing!

You are doing enough just by being really TRUE to yourself, by letting yourself be lit up by your own authentic dreams and desires.

You are doing enough, even if you are doing nothing. (And it’s very likely that the very thing you NEED to do right now … is a whole lot of nothing!).

There is so much value in allowing yourself to just BE. To allow all that yang energy that you expend every single day, to be balanced by some nourishing yin.

You have nothing to prove to anyone – and the only person you need to compare yourself to, is your authentic and true self.

Are you being authentic?

No one else knows what that means for you, except you – so don’t let society, or your friends, or your family, dictate it to you.

So – when it comes top pushing through, of course there may be seasons of life where this is required. But when it becomes your autopilot way of living – it may not be the answer.

Do you agree?

What can you do to lessen the ‘pushing through’ factor in your life?

Rest. Surrender. Trust.

Love –


Beth x



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