Raise your vibration, change your experience of life.

It’s fair to say that this is time in history where a lot of people are experiencing a lot of different triggers.

Fears around health, money, the future, or whatever else … they’re rising to the surface, and collectively, humanity is moving through a lot.

I, personally, have also been moving through my own stuff, and today I wanted to share with you what saves me EVERY time I am going through something difficult in my life.

Last year (2019), I discovered the MAGIC art of learning to shift my energy, so that I could shift out of a funk (no matter WHAT had caused the funk, or how insurmountable it seemed). 

What do I mean by that?

Well, I learned to shift my energy (not my physical energy, but my energetic frequency) from a low vibrational state, to a high vibrational state.

You see, when we are experiencing emotions that don’t feel good (such as fear, anger, judgement), or when we are sitting in a place of lack and scarcity, worried about our ‘survival’, this is our emotional guidance system letting us know that our energy has fallen into the low vibrational spectrum. 

And, on the contrary, when we experience AMAZING-feeling emotions such as love, joy, gratitude, appreciation, and a sense of abundance … our emotional guidance system is letting us know that we are sitting in a beautiful, high vibrational spectrum. 

And, because the law of attraction is delivering us experiences that match our vibrational frequency, we will manifest more of whatever energies we most predominently reside at.

To sum it up:

Your inner world creates your outer world. 

Now, when we are stuck in a funk, how do we manage to RAISE our energy, and move into those high vibrational states of love, joy, and abundance, no matter what is occurring around us??

Well, I spent the entire year of 2019 experimenting with this.

It’s safe to say that after a de facto break-up, losing all my money, the breakdown of parts of my business, intense exhaustion, and moving across the country to start a new life and experiencing intense loneliness (amongst other things), I desperately had to learn how to pull myself out of whatever funky-feeling emotions I was feeling.

And, in my explorations and experimentation, I learnt that by raising my vibration, I would almost instantly attract better experiences – loving connections, help and support and love, abundance and money, and whatever else.

And so, I created an eCourse about this, called …

Shift Your Energy, Change Your Life

This is one of my personal favourites from my eCourse library. In fact, it is very dear to me, because I created it after learning some very hard lessons.

I know for a fact that when we learn to work with and raise our energy, we can manifest beautiful miracles – of all shapes and sizes – into our lives. 

And, at this time in history, I believe it’s so deeply important to learn to work with our energy and raise our vibration.

When we can learn to raise our vibration no matter what is happening externally, we have truly gained mastery over our life.

We realise that we have the power to feel good, NO MATTER WHAT may be happening in our economy, or in the world.

When you take command of your own energy, you take your power back.

I personally have to come back to this practice of raising my energy, day after day after day. I am dedicated to mastering the way I feel, because I want to continue to manifest the highest good into my world.

Click HERE to find out more and join this eCourse – from wherever you are in the world. You will receive instant access, and you can move through the content at your own pace. 

Here’s to shifting your energy, so you can change your life!

With love,


Beth x



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