Rebuilding yourself and your life.

after a break up⠀
a break down⠀
a death ⠀
a bankruptcy⠀
a loss⠀
of any kind⠀

it will take ⠀
however long it takes⠀

to piece yourself⠀
and your life⠀
back together⠀

you can’t predict⠀
how long it will take⠀
to get back on your feet⠀

it will be messy⠀
and arduous⠀

one step forward⠀
and many back⠀

but one thing⠀
is for sure⠀

while you’re on your knees⠀
breaking into pieces⠀

you’re becoming⠀
a brand new slate⠀
for a brand new life⠀

so whatever the pain⠀
whatever the loss⠀
however awful you feel⠀

please know⠀
you are, with time⠀
piecing yourself back together⠀
into a NEW ⠀

a masterpiece ⠀
of wisdom⠀
and strength⠀
and resilience ⠀
and grace⠀

keep going, ⠀
amazing human⠀

you are a masterpiece⠀
a work of art ⠀
in construction ⠀
you just don’t see it yet.⠀

give yourself the time you need⠀
to grow into⠀
the next magical version of you. ⠀


with love,


Beth x



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