Reclaiming yourself after a lifetime of people pleasing.

Many of us are recovering people pleasers, and with that journey to reclaiming yourself, your energy, and your other resources, you’ll probably come up against a battle with GUILT.

Guilt because, deep down, you know that in order to truly and deeply honour YOUR needs, you won’t be able to meet every other persons expectations of you anymore.

For people pleasing women, this is HARD, because we’ve generally spent a lifetime gaining our sense of self from doing things for others.

We believe that’s our sole purpose on this planet. And we believe that if we don’t do all these things, these people in our lives will suffer as a result.

There you go … guilt!

We often (unconsciously) equate us stepping back a little to honour ourselves, with GUILT. Which is why we usually won’t do it — until that episode of burnout or that true rock bottom moment hits.

The guilt isn’t necessary, it doesn’t serve you (or anyone), but it’s hard to avoid because you’ve spend a lifetime believing that you’re here to be everything to everyone, always.

Then … dig even deeper, and you get to the issue of needing external validation.

We people pleasing women have always gained our sense of self by doing things for people, fixing things for people, being there for everyone. This is how we feel appreciated in the world.

So then, who are we, if we are no longer everything to everyone?

Can you see how many layers there are to this people pleasing recovery business?

This journey is one of dissolving an old paradigm and stepping into a brand new one — one where can can honour OURSELVES, first, and then serve others from our beautifully full cup.

I know it seems impossible.

I also know it can be done. I have witnessed many, many, many women do this (to my great delight).

If you’re ready to move out of the old paradigm of burnout, people pleasing and having no boundaries … and into a new one of thriving, wellness, and serving from the overflow of your full energetic cup, I may be able to help you!

It’s been my great pleasure over the years to hold space for women undergoing this transition, through my 1:1 work and also my digital creations / eCourses.

I’m currently searching for 3 women to come on board and work with me in a private coaching container — either one month or three months.

As all sessions are via Skype or Zoom, you can literally join in from anywhere in the world — I work with women globally.

It’s been my experience working with clients that those who come on board and deeply COMMIT — to themselves, and also to me (as the one holding space) — see the greatest level of transformation, in the areas of life where it is most needed.

Change takes time. It takes a lot of digging deep.

I am here to support you, back you, and believe in you whilst you make that change.

I have always invested in myself in this way and it has radically changed my life, over and over again.

When you show up for YOU, magic truly does happen. I will provide you with the container for this to unfold.

Come on over HERE to find out how you can work with me, from wherever you are in the world.

With love –


Beth x


Beth Bridges

Naturopath + Women’s Life Coach

Perth, AUS + Skype

Email >

I can also support you through my eCourses, my eBooks, and via my Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube pages.


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