Sacred rage, boundaries, and honouring yourself.

Sacred rage🔥, boundaries, and honouring your own needs …

This week I have experienced a lot of what I like to call ‘sacred rage’. 

A beautiful anger, that wanted to show me that some things in my experience were not ok, and that I really needed to do something about it.

This is the thing about rage/anger: we often label it as ‘wrong’ or ‘low vibe’ — when often, it is actually VERY sacred.

Anger or rage, like any other emotions, can simply be viewed as ‘data’, letting us know something about our lives, and what needs to be changed or honoured. 

In my experience (personally and from working with many women), rage, anger and resentment are feelings that will arise when we are not honouring our sacred boundaries — and when we keep sliding down to the bottom of the to-do list.

When we experience such emotions, it’s wise to take heed. To honour the message that they’re delivering.

But, for people pleasing women (or men!) who’ve spent a lifetime overly prioritising the needs, comfort, care and convenience of everyone else … this can be extremely challenging.

For many of us, we’ve been taught from the youngest of ages to … conform. To keep the peace. To walk on eggshells, so as not to upset or disturb others.

This is not only stifling to our spirit, but it creates a sense of dis-ease within our being. A fight between our own (very valid) emotional truth, and our ingrained belief that we must ‘do the right thing’.

But if the ‘right thing’ means you have to completely dishonour the truth of your body / mind / soul … is it really the right thing?

‘The right thing’, in many circumstances, is really only something that can be defined by the individual.

Your experience matters.

One of the reasons I often observe myself not setting the boundaries that I KNOW I need to set, is because I generally prioritise the experience of others, above my own experience. 

I used to do anything to keep others comfortable. To make sure they were getting what they needed and wanted. And not caring too much about whether or not I was receiving what I needed.

Can you relate?

It’s important to honour the fact that your experience matters as well. 

For example, on Sunday, the man in the apartment next to mine was playing electric guitar VERY loudly, with his friend. I was trying to work and well, it wasn’t working. I popped some earplugs in, but I was still very much a part of their (long) jam session.

In that moment, I said to myself … Beth, your experience matters. It mattered to me that ALL of us – me, my neighbour and his friend – could ALL do what we needed to do on Sunday.

And so I went and knocked at the door … asked them to turn it down a little and close the balcony door … and we all got on with our day.

Tiny example. Big lesson. Your experience matters.

Next time you find yourself ignoring your boundaries, your anger, or your resentment … for the sake of keeping others comfortable … ask yourself whether that feels right to your soul.

Your. Experience. Matters. 

We ALL deserve to be honoured. All of us. And most of the time, that’s going to mean that we have to push past our comfort zone, speak up, and use our free will voice to declare what we are willing to tolerate … or not.

Shedding your People Pleasing Skin.

In my journey (my long journey 😂) of shedding the last remnants of my inner people pleaser — an energetic programming that was ingrained into me by the world from the smallest of ages — I’ve come to realise that in order for me to truly honour myself, I have no option but to fully let go of caring about what other think of me.

This week, I’ve found myself slipping back into caring too much about the opinions of others, and denying my own needs. Dishonouring myself, so that I could seem ‘honourable’ in the eyes of others.

This never works.

For me, it just leads to that notion of ‘sacred rage’. A reminder from the depths of my being that something isn’t right.

For me, whenever I’m dishonouring my own soul, I feel it within every facet of myself. It feels deeply wrong. Like a betrayal of the most divine part of my being.

I simply can’t do this to myself anymore.

When you honour your soul, you may lose others, but you will never lose the RIGHT people. Or opportunities. Ever. 

In fact, when you honour your soul, you’ll call in ALL that is aligned, and true, for your soul path. It can be a scary journey, to stand so fiercely in your knowing of what is right and not right … for you. But the alternative is suppression – of yourself.

If you can relate, I send you a lot of love on your journey to defining your boundaries, honouring yourself, and honouring your emotions – which are sending you sacred messages. 

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With love –


Beth x




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