Ladies, how’s your self-worth?

Self worth

Are you a woman with high self worth … or not so much? 

Here’s the thing:

Creating a beautiful life begins with your INTERNAL STATE. As in, believing internally that you can do, be, have what you truly desire.

Do you believe that you are worthy of receiving all that you desire?

Does the world reflect to you, that which you know you deserve? ⠀

If not, it may be to do with your self worth (aka, what you believe you can have and are worthy of). ⠀

Self worth, for many women, is very low. ⠀

Your SELF WORTH determines so much about how you operate in the world, what you allow yourself to put up with and tolerate, and what shows up in your life. ⠀

Truly, when you value yourself – deeply and completely and unconditionally – the world reflects it back to you. ⠀

When you value yourself, people KNOW that they cannot walk all over you, and you do not feel bad having kind + loving boundaries, or gently saying no.

When you value yourself, you KNOW that it is your birthright to feel vital and vibrant and truly well, and you don’t feel guilty taking steps towards creating that. ⠀

When you value yourself, you KNOW that you are deserving of the desires that reside in your heart, and you work towards them.⠀

When you value yourself, you honour your innate goddess-ness. You have a quiet, sure, deep knowing, that you deserve lovely things / people / experiences.

When you deeply value yourself, you don’t question these things. ⠀

I want you to know that you are worthy of so very much.

You don’t have to wonder if you are good enough to receive everything that you wish for.

Because, you ARE good enough. Definitely. Without a doubt. ⠀

But YOU just have to believe it. You have to deeply believe it, know it, and live it.⠀

Then you will start to see the world reflect that back to you.⠀



Beth x



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