My 1:1 sessions are all a little different, so let me explain them for you.

Naturopathy Session

I am a qualified naturopath with 7 years of full-time tertiary study behind me (Bachelor of Science; Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy).

I specialise in women’s hormonal balance, burnout and adrenal fatigue, and general vitality and well-being.

I work with my clients via Skype – from wherever you are in the world! I have supported clients all over Australia, as well as in New Zealand, Scotland, England, Europe, and the U.S.A. I’ve also helped my clients access the highest-quality nutritional and herbal supplements, both within Australia and overseas.

No matter where we reside geographically, we all face similar changes as we navigate this busy, frenetic modern-day society. In my work with hundreds of women, I’ve discovered that we are all struggling with the long-term effects of chronic stress, overwhelm, and simply having a ‘life plate’ that is truly over-loaded.

I love helping women to discover the ‘why’ beneath their signs and symptoms, and then putting them onto the path to sustainable and long-lasting change.

Dis-ease is simply your bodies way of letting you know that something needs to be done differently. Let me help you decipher these wise messages!

Click HERE to book your Naturopathy Session. (If you are a new Naturopathy client, please be sure to book a 75-minute session).

Spiritual Life Coaching Session

In my work, one of the most common things that I hear is that people feel disconnected from who they really are, at a soul level. 

‘I want to know my soul purpose’.
‘I don’t know why I’m here’.
‘I don’t know what steps to take next’.
‘I don’t know who I really am’.

I also hear that the women I work with worry excessively (about everything!), but mostly about what other people think, about letting other people down, about other people not liking them … and this is often the core reason behind NOT doing the things they would really love to do in life. There is a large element of overcoming people pleasing, learning to have energetic boundaries (and stick to them without guilt!), and learning to put yourself back at the top of the ‘to-do’ list.

I truly have a knack for helping your soul truth come ‘out of its shell’ and for giving you the intuitive guidance and insight that you need, alongside practical action steps to implement, to help you expand into your truest and greatest potential. I draw on my extensive extracurricular education in the realms of coaching and personal development – but I mostly draw on my intuition, to help you. I know I am simply the channel for the Divine to help guide YOU.

My soul purpose … is to help you find your soul purpose. And it is my greatest joy and pleasure to do this! 

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Exploration Session

Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are?

Why you’re drawn to certain things, places and people and not others?
Why your personality is the way that it is?
Why you have certain, innate reactions to life?

The beautiful thing about YOU, is that you’re a completely unique soul. One of a kind. Never been before, never to be repeated.

This means, that your soul path, your journey to walk out in this lifetime, is going to be so different to anyone else’s. What lights you up is going to be so different to that of your Mum, your best friend, your siblings … and so on.

I am absolutely fascinated with ‘why people are the way that they are’. Exploration Sessions are a life coaching session that incorporates the tools of Astrology and Oracles, to help shed some light on ‘why you are the way you are’, where life is calling you to go next, and why you may be moving through whatever you are moving through (there’s always a purpose to the madness).

I will look up your astrological birth chart, explaining the key elements of this for you; alongside an oracle spread, blended with my intuitive coaching style. 

These sessions are a lot of fun and there are always so many ‘aha’ moments! If you’re interested in some cosmic guidance (from your astrology and the oracles), then the Exploration Session is for you!

Click HERE to book your Exploration Session.

To book your 1:1 session, come on over HERE.

You can book from ANYWHERE in the world – I work with women globally, and all consultations are via Skype or Zoom.

If you need assistance deciding which session type is perfect for your needs, please email with your query.

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