Is it finally time to lead from the Soul?

In my five years of working closely with women – of many different ages and stages of life, moving through a host of different situations and circumstances – I’ve observed one common theme:

Most of us are too scared to live from the Soul. 

With the crushing weight of expectations (of ourselves, and from others) on our shoulders, we walk through life ignoring what we really desire, and ignoring who we really are, in order to:

// Keep the peace

// Not ruffle feathers

// Keep everybody else comfortable

// Be overly accomodating to others

// Avoid the risk of ‘letting someone down’

// Maintain our ‘good girl’ status

// Stay in our (stagnant) comfort zone

The list goes on …

But the point is:

The clock is ticking. 

The clock of your precious life, is ticking.

Thinking that you ‘have time’ in the future to ‘do what you really want to do’, is perhaps the greatest mistake you will ever make.

Because, amazing soul, time is an illusion. Now is all we ever have. None of us are guaranteed anything, beyond this present moment.

The time to lead from the Soul, and start to craft the life, the health, the fulfilment, the contentment that you TRULY desire … is now.

Will you join me on this journey?

Now that we have entered a new DECADE, I invite you to join me on this journey of leading from the Soul.

Soul-Led Life is a year-long online project that will take you into the depths of yourself, so that you can explore who you really are, what your Soul truly desires for you, and begin to make that a reality in your existence … now. Not ‘sometime’ in the future.

You can choose to join Soul-Led Life for the entire year of 2020, or, you can participate month by month, at your own discretion.

Let’s not put this off any longer! Join me to bring your calling, your purpose, your joy, and your fulfilment to life.

What’s it all about?

Soul-Led Life is a year-long project consisting of 12 Masterclasses – one Masterclass per month. 

On the 1st day of each month, a new Masterclass will become available for you, and you have the option of joining me for the entire year, or simply joining the Masterclasses that resonate most for you!

What does each Masterclass include? 

Each of the 12 Masterclasses in the Soul-Led Life series includes:

  • 60-90 minute of video content, on the topic for that month
  • 30-60 minute audio podcast, on the topic for that month
  • 2 x guided audio meditations, on the topic for that month
  • Written content on the topic for that month

All content is completely unique and individual. Scroll down to see the topics for each Masterclass!

As with all of my eCourses, you receive ongoing access to any Soul-Led Life Masterclasses that you have purchased – you can move through it at your own pace and revisit it whenever you wish.

The 12 Masterclasses

The Masterclasses within Soul-Led Life are designed to compliment and build upon one another as you move through the year – although, you will certainly benefit from taking the Masterclasses individually as well.

Currently, we are enrolling for the MARCH 2020 Masterclass – if you wish to purchase January or February’s Masterclasses, please email – we would be delighted to set you up with these.

Here are the topics for the first 3 months of 2020:

January: Meeting Your Authentic Self. 

In January, we dive straight into the heart of this year-long project: meeting your Soul. In other words, connecting with your authentic self – which holds all of the answers and guidance that you need, to lead you towards your most fulfilling path in life. Begin this new decade tuning OUT from all the external noise, and tuning IN to who you really are. After all, if you don’t know yourself at the Soul level, how can you possibly create your most content and inspired existence?

February: What’s Holding Me Back?

In February, we explore the factors that are holding us back from living our truth, and being who we really are. As we uncover the many, many unconscious blocks that keep us trapped in life, we begin to free ourselves, and move towards expressing our greatest potential. In this Masterclass, we address our fears of saying no and letting people down, our fear of failure, our fear around holding firm boundaries, and so much more. Before we can move forward, we must address what’s holding us back!!

March: The Astrological New Year. 

In astrology, the ‘New Year’ is actually celebrated in March. This is known as the ‘Astrological New Year’. In this Masterclass, you’ll learn about why this time of year is actually the most beautiful time to ‘start over’ for the year – beginning with the vibrant, fiery energy of Aries, around the time of the equinox in late March! Building on the first two Masterclasses, we’ll set our intentions for 2020 (and the decade beyond), after having connected back to the Soul and cleared away many of our limiting beliefs. You do not want to miss this one! Also learn about the astrological wheel of the zodiac and the 12 signs (beginning with Aries and moving all the way through to Pisces). This is the real New Year!

The topics for each monthly Masterclass are announced at the end of each month, in advance of the next. Each Masterclass is entirely unique, building upon the last. The 12 Masterclasses together make up a very holistic and multi-faceted experience that will assist you in exploring the deepest layers of YOU!!

Here are your investment options:


Subscribe for a monthly membership for $55 AUD per month. You have the option of cancelling your subscription at any time. Your subscription will automatically end after the delivery of the final Masterclass of Soul-Led Life (in December 2020).


Purchase the Masterclasses individually as they come out each month, for $67 AUD per Masterclass. Pick and choose which Masterclasses resonate for you.

PURCHASE THE ENTIRE YEAR – $495 AUD one-time payment

Join me for the whole of 2020, to kickstart the first year of this amazing new decade. Purchase the entire year (12 jam-packed Masterclasses) for just $495 AUD. When you purchase the whole year up front, you pay for only 9 months, instead of 12 (save $155 AUD)!

Simple use the buttons below to choose your preferred option, and sign up for Soul-Led Life! 

I am SO excited to go on this journey with you.

If you have any questions at all, please email >

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How do I know if I want to join this online experience?

I am a firm believer in intuition. If you feel innately drawn to this experience, listen to that. You will know what to do. If you really would love to join in … take a little chance on yourself. Who knows what amazing shifts, changes and transformations you could create in your life?

Is this course suitable for anyone?

Yes! Of course. This experience is perfect for absolutely anyone who feels a deep calling to live from the soul and craft the life of their dreams.

How long do I need to set aside to work through the content?

You can work through the material at your own pace. There is NO rush! Each month provides you with around 3-4 hours of content to work through, but you will have ongoing access to this.

Do I have lifetime access?

Yes! Once you sign up for this eCourse, you have lifetime access to it.

Do you offer personalised email support throughout the experience?

I do not offer personalised email support throughout this experience, but I would be delighted to support your individual journey through 1:1 Skype sessions. Of course, if you have any technical issues accessing any of the material, or would like to book a 1:1 Skype session with me alongside doing this eCourse, you can email at any time, for assistance.

How do I pay?

Payments are made via PayPal.

Is my payment refundable?

Payments are non-refundable.


you only have a limited time
to be YOU on this planet

to be YOU
in your unique body
expressing your unique soul truth
in whichever way you desire

what a huge gift, to be alive
to be breathing
to have choice

you can direct your life
so, will you allow fear and doubt
to drive your experience?

or, will you choose
strength, courage, authenticity, perseverance?

to be truly YOU
is the greatest blessing
you can give to yourself and the world

so please, just be YOU.

x Beth

Beth Bridges is a Naturopath and Life Coach for women.

She deeply believes that true wellness must encompass not only physical health, but also fulfilment of one’s life purpose.

She specialises in women’s health and hormones, burnout and exhaustion, stress-related adrenal dysfunction, and helping one to find their true soul essence and bring that into their everyday life.

Beth is on a mission to help women all over the world to slow down and tune into their own spirit, so they can live a healthy, fulfilling and inspired life.

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