Starting over in life – and embracing that clean slate.

Sometimes in life, we don’t make the big decisions that our soul is calling us to make, because we know we’re going to have to start over, and that’s SCARY. 

I see it all the time. Clients tell me ALL of the time about things they really WANT to do – leave a relationship, leave a job, start a business, or whatever else – but often, they don’t do it, because of the fear of the ‘fallout’. And so, they stay stuck exactly where they don’t want to be.

And then, other times in life, the fallout isn’t our choice. It just happens. Life throws a massive curveball and we are literally forced to start over.

(Side note: when you don’t CONSCIOUSLY make the choice to take the leap and make that big decision, life will often intervene in your favour, to force you to make that choice).

Whether it’s chosen or not, starting over in life is a scary, confusing, and isolating experience. I just had my own experience of starting over in the last 12 months. It wasn’t fun. It really wasn’t.

And yet …

I would rather be where I am, still partly muddling my way through it all, but with ever-increasing clarity … than stuck somewhere that my soul truly didn’t want me to be anymore, stagnating and not reaching my potential.

The thing about a major fallout in life, is that it always feels like it’s lasting so much longer than we think it needs to.

If your minds could have their way, the process of rebuilding would happen in a few months, thank you very much!

But, as it happens, the process of rebuilding your life – or starting over – once the rug has been pulled out beneath your feet, or once you’ve made a massively life-altering decision, is often a fairly lengthy one. Because, there is much to be realised, and integrated, before we can fully step into the new versions of ourselves and our lives.

As we stand there in that yucky, uncomfortable in-between phase, with one foot planted in our past life and one foot planted in our new life, it generally doesn’t feel good. 

During this in-between phase, there can be a lot of …. why me???

There can be a lot of pleading with the Universe. Ummm, Universe, can you just show me the freakin’ way already??? (Or is that just me!).

I have a deep belief that everything IS unfolding for my greatest good. And still, some days, even I question the universal order.

But I am writing this to remind you of what I know to be true, which is:

a) The clean slate that life has given you can be a GIFT, but it depends on how you choose to look at it.

b) No matter what your situation right now, or where you find yourself, you CAN rebuild, and achieve the abundance, love, joy and vitality you desire.

You know what the above truths are going to require from you, though?

The willingness to show up, day after day, through your pain, and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

The willingness to keep believing that things are working out in your favour, and for your highest good.

The willingness to not get stuck in your old stories of victimhood.

The willingness to clear past hurts and shift your energy, again and again, so that you can free yourself from the chains of your past.

Oh yes, the process of starting over – from scratch – will probably test you to your limits. You will want to quit, but you’ll have to make the choice to keep moving forward … in honour of your future self. The one that has what you want.

No matter where you are right now – financially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically – pour everything you have into moving forward. Decide where you want to be. Cry when you need to. Take space when you need to (like I am now). But keep moving forward. Do it for the future version of you.

Whatever happened in your life … it was not an accident. This chance to start over, it’s not an accident. 

There is a brighter, happier, more abundant and joyful version of you, just around the corner. Lean into that. Know it’s coming. And embrace that clean slate.

Eventually, BOTH of your feet will land in your NEW life. And you will be so glad that you didn’t quit on yourself. 

With so much love, 


Beth x



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