Stop ‘should-ing’ yourself.

Are we wasting precious time trying to fit too much into our lives, simply because we believe we ‘should’?

I’ve written this many times before: I believe that we can do anything, but we can’t do everything.

At some point we must choose to live the life we really want, which means giving away the actions that don’t serve our path anymore.

I come across many beautiful people in life that, in their desire to please others, often move away from what is true to them, and find themselves falling short in their own goals and ambitions.

I used to do this, big time. My desire to avoid guilt, had me living in a way that really didn’t support who I really was, and where I wanted to be.

I’ve since learnt that it is genuinely impossible to please everyone.

If you please one person, you’ll probably let down another … and so on and so forth. In fact, often when we’re pleasing someone else, we’re letting OURSELVES down.

I watched this happen repeatedly in my life, before I finally understood that no matter what choice I made, there would always be some sort of conflict, somewhere along the line.

Life consists of both support and challenge. If we really get this, we are then free to live our purpose, while embracing both.

Not everyone will support your choices and dreams. What really counts, is that you’re in tune with and supporting YOURSELF.

Be your own biggest fan.

It’s all that matters.

When we hone in on exactly how we want out lives to be, we can see that a lot of our current actions are unnecessary, or maybe not helping us get to where we want to go. We may be doing many things simply to please others, or because we’ve been told that we ‘should’.

When we cram our lives with endless pursuits, we may find ourselves doing everything halfheartedly, and nothing with the inspired enthusiasm that drives greatness. It’s like multi-tasking, which achieves nothing brilliant.

It’s totally worth taking the time and space to stop and reflect on how you would LOVE your life to be. Right now is where it’s at. If we continue to blindly move through life without purpose, we are wasting our huge potential.

Every day you don’t live in alignment with who you really are, is a day spent living in accordance with how others want you to be.

Don’t allow the ‘shoulds’ of life to mess with your precious time, interfering with your true mission.

You’re not serving the world if you do what it asks of you; you’re serving the world only when you offer it your authentic self.

Shine your light!

With love,


Beth x


Naturopath / Women’s Life Coach /


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