Without a strong foundation, we crumble.

How much do you actually trust your life?

I’ll be really honest with you – before this year, I *thought* (like, I really thought) that I deeply believed that I was being divinely guided by the universe, always.

But when the rug got pulled out from underneath my feet late 2018 / early 2019, and everything that was ‘secure’ to me fell away (thus dissolving all of my illusions about where my security really comes from), this trust that I thought I had in life, was severely broken.

Without the safety net of everything I had known for so many years, I was so lost. Alone in a way I have never been alone before. 

And it turns out … this all had to happen, in order for me to REALLY learn to trust the universe.

As it happens, when you are standing alone, with very little to your name, there is no choice but to (finally and deeply) trust. 

I didn’t start to PROPERLY trust my life, until I lost my foundation.

Only THEN, did I realise what my *true* foundation is.

My foundation is not a man, nor a relationship, nor how much money I have in the bank, nor how much external ‘success’ I have in the world.


My true foundation is my trust in myself, and in my life, and in the universe.

That was scary for me to realise at first. I would so much rather rely on something outside of me to confirm that I am safe. And supported. 

But knowing that *you can be your own rock solid foundation*, is truly empowering. 

And this year, I have truly built that foundation from rock bottom, upwards.

Think about it. If you lost all of what is your perceived ‘security’, would you still trust your life?

You might. Or rather, from this situation, you might finally learn what trust *really* means. Like I had to. 

I trust life because I now understand that, as part of this universe, I am connected to something far, far, far greater than I can actually comprehend.

These days, my sense of ‘safety’ doesn’t come from numbers or relationships or anything external. It comes from my inner knowing that I am deeply supported by life. 

It comes from my deep belief that things are always working out for me.

In other words: disconnect your sense of safety from all that which is external to you. And then, connect your sense of safety to the universe (because you are, in fact, an extension of the universe).

Some days, I waver.

But I always, always come back to my strong inner foundation. 

>> this is the work for me <<

Most people don’t think of the ‘inner work’ as necessary. But it’s ESSENTIAL. 

No matter how much you ‘have’ externally, if you do not trust your own self, if you do not create a strong foundation *within yourself*, if you do not deeply trust life, there may always be a sense of fear about ‘things falling apart’.

Let me assure you, when things fall apart, it gives you an amazing opportunity to recognise where your true strength lies. It lies within YOU.

Without a strong foundation, we crumble.

I’m grateful that I got to crumble this year, because I now know my own strength, and I know that my foundation is strong. Without all that unfolded, I wouldn’t be here! 

This has been the hardest, hardest lesson of my life.

No matter what you are moving through in life, keep doing your inner work. The inner work is actually what will get you through anything. 

The rest, the external stuff? If it’s lovely … but your TRUE foundation lies within. Honestly. Go find it. Life will never be the same again.

With love, 


Beth x



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