Take your power back.

I am definitely guilty of — over and over again — giving my power away to external circumstances and people, wondering ‘why me’ and feeling sorry for myself.

And honestly, oftentimes it DOES feel like that … why me? Why am I going through this?

Some periods of life are truly, exceptionally difficult. For all of us.

But there is a difference between staying in that place … and choosing to take your power back.

Especially over the last couple of years, I have had to take my power back (truly), over and over again.

Brought to my knees (metaphorically but also literally sometimes 😂) by the external world (or rather, my reaction to the external world) — then having that ‘phoenix rises from the ashes’ moment … time after time.

There is a point where we are on our knees, probably crying, or questioning WHY … a pivotal moment where we realise, only I can create a different outcome here.

—> We create a different outcome by shifting our energy, and our perspective.

By deciding, NO more. I do NOT choose this pain and suffering anymore. I do not choose to tolerate this anymore.

In that moment, we truly do take our power back, and we declare to life that we are worthy of more than this.

More than burnout.

More than being a doormat for others.

More than crying over someone who doesn’t care about us. 

More than scarcity and lack.

More than … ANYTHING. Insert your own circumstance.

We take our power back when we understand — with so much clarity — that we are simply worthy of MORE than this.

It doesn’t mean we know what that’s going to look like. It doesn’t mean we know the path to get there.

But here is the thing … we don’t NEED to know these factors.

Because, the moment we take our power back and declare that, actually, we would like more, that we deserve something better than this … life starts to rearrange around us, independent of our actions.

The moment your energy shifts, is the moment that life responds to you differently.

And then, you will be intuitively shown what actions YOU need to take, to facilitate the change that you desire.

Try it 🙏🏻

I have done this many times. Become so tired of my own suffering. And decided that no matter what the external world wants to do … I want to thrive. That I deserve better.

After this moment, you might choose to do things differently. Your actions will change. You might invest in yourself. Give up a bad habit. Choose a better one. But it will feel easy.

If you can relate … take your power back, amazing human ♥️ and take a chance on having a great experience again.

Take your power back, over and over again, and declare MORE for yourself and your life.

I chose this beautiful image of the lion for this blog post, because it felt highly resonant. I deeply resonate with the fierce lion energy (I am a Leo sun sign, after all!). Here’s an invitation to tap into the powerful energy of your inner lion (or lioness).

With love,


Beth x



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