The Alchemist (and why you must do what you love).

The Alchemist

I recently re-read Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist (for probably about the tenth time).

Everything about this book speaks straight to the soul. The entire theme is of following one’s Personal Legend, and I just adore it.

Coelho writes of the challenges we face when we have the courage to realise our Personal Legend, or, in other words, the calling that we were individually gifted in our lifetime.

He writes that there are 4 obstacles that hold people back from realising, and going after, their Personal Legend:

  1. That we are told from childhood that everything we want to do / be / achieve is impossible. (In other words, we learn to play it safe and not take risks)
  2. We are afraid of hurting the people we love, by abandoning everything in the inspired pursuit of our dream. (In other words, we must sacrifice our personal calling to make sure everyone around us stays comfortable)
  3. Fear of the potential defeats and challenges that lay ahead. (In other words, failure will ruin me so I shouldn’t try)
  4. Fear of actually fulfilling the dream we fought for our whole lives. (In other words, fear of, or guilt around, success)

I believe to the core of my being, that we all have our own Personal Legend.

And that, ultimately, this Personal Legend is our reason for existence.

So, why then, are so many of us not doing whatever it is that we know we would LOVE to be doing? Well, Coelho’s list above constitutes several such reasons.

In the pursuit of my own dreams, I’ve certainly rubbed up against all four of these notions. I still do. Every day, perhaps.

But one thing I know for sure, is this: I can’t not follow my personal legend. I just can’t. I will not ignore what I’m here to do.

For me, the pain of following my dreams (because, let’s face it, it ain’t easy), is less than the pain of living a life that isn’t 100% authentic to me.

I would rather endure whatever life throws at me in the pursuit of my own Personal Legend, than suffer through the suppression of being too scared, of worrying what everybody else thinks of me, of counting down the hours in my days because I don’t like how I’m spending them.

The fact that we know we have a limited time here on planet earth, is enough stimulus for me to understand THIS:

There is no time to waste. 

Do what you love, do what you love, do what you love.

You’ll find a way. I promise. One tiny step at a time. Personal Legends aren’t meant to be realised overnight. They’re a lifelong journey. They’re designed to keep you inspired and occupied, until the day you die.

You Personal Legend is your reason for being. 

And, if you haven’t read Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, do yourself a favour and get your hands on a copy.

The Alchemist

With love –


Beth x


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  1. Alan Grossman

    I am rereading The Alchemist again and looking for a guided meditation to help me uncover my personal legend. Do you know of anything. Most interested in tapping into childhood emotions. Thank you. Alan.

    August 7, 2019 • 9:05 am •
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