The PROCESS of healing your life.

It’s been a little over a year since my life radically changed, and here is what I have to say about those times of life that really bring you to your knees …

When the rug kind of gets pulled out from underneath you, and everything that you thought was your ‘fixed’ reality kind of disintegrates … you are about to go through a PROCESS.

This process is one of complete destruction. Chaos. The break-down that simply *must* come before the break-through. There is no other order. There is no other way.

This process is your GROWTH. It’s the growth you never knew you needed, could never have comprehended, and – while you’re in the midst of it – it’s the growth that your ego can’t stand. But, it’s the growth that your soul thrives from.

This process is part of your BECOMING. It’s part of you becoming *who you are meant to be*. It won’t feel good. It will probably feel awful. But without it, you wouldn’t develop the strength, courage, resilience, wisdom, independence, and other amazing qualities that you now have. I know how annoying that is. But it’s true.

This process will take TIME to move through. You will want to rush it. You will be so done with it. But the timeline isn’t in your control. So the best you can do, is try to surrender to being exactly where you are, knowing that everything is temporary and that no pain will last forever.

This process is a GIFT. It’s such a gift. I can only say this, and truly mean it, more than a year after my own ‘process’ begun. I’ve needed a whole year to grieve, heal, survive, learn to be truly alone, and learn my own capabilities. In that time I learned what true trust – in myself, in the universe, in life – really means. In that time, I was forced to learn to surrender and not need ‘answers’. In that time, I *deeply* learnt that I am always taken care of – by something that is so much greater than any of us can even comprehend.

Now, I reflect in true gratitude for my path, which hasn’t been even slightly enjoyable, but it’s set me up for a bright, strong future – where I get the opportunity to keep turning my lessons into opportunities to write, create, share, and continue to GROW.

Oh yes, the process of your unravelling, your destruction, will be an interesting one.

But, amazing soul, you will look back – maybe in a year or so, like I am, and actually be grateful for it.

I promise. Keep going.

Trust your process 🦋

With love,


Beth x



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