The universe is your safety net.

It may feel like your fixed reality is crumbling around you right now. 

Like the rug is being pulled out from underneath your feet.

As though all of your ‘security’ and ‘safety’ is just … gone.

For some, this will bring up all sorts of confronting feelings.

Fear. Lack. Scarcity. Anger. Judgement.

While it’s so important to feel what you are feeling, it’s also SO important to see whatever is surfacing for you right now, as an invitation for deep spiritual healing. 

Because …

Whatever your greatest fear is right now, is showing you where you have spiritual work to do. 

For example …

If your greatest fear is around your health, then you have work to do around trusting your body, aligning with the energy of well-being, and re-prioritising how you care for your physical body.

If your greatest fear is around money (aka, you are feeling a great fear of lack and scarcity right now), then you have work to do around healing your relationship with money, and trusting deeply in abundance of all forms.

And so on …

Whatever area you are being most triggered in right now, is your greatest opportunity for growth and healing. 

And part of this healing, will be remembering your inner wisdom, which knows THIS >>

The universe is your safety net.
The universe has your back.
Life is on your side.
God is looking out for you. 

^^ I trust the above statements to my very core. (But it took a lot of spiritual growth and WORK to get to that point).

If this all resonates for you … and you feel called to do the spiritual work … I am here to help you. 

I am not going anywhere. In these times, I am committed to helping YOU to overcome your fears, re-align with health and abundance, and, most importantly, to TRUST. To deeply TRUST that the universe is your safety net.

So …

I have just drastically reduced the cost of ALL of my consultation types  (naturopathy, spiritual life coaching, and exploration sessions), which you can join me for from wherever you are in the world, via Skype.

I have been recording you new video blogs.

I am writing a new eBook, Stop Worrying, Start Trusting, which is launching in two weeks time – for just $23 AUD.

I am creating a Stop Worrying, Start Trusting eCourse – with video, audio, and written content – which is officially available on the 1st April – for just $55 AUD.

I have a free Facebook group. Join here for more free content from me.

And of course, I will be writing emails to you and sharing on social media, day in and day out.

I am here for you, and there are so many ways in which I can support you.

For those of you who feel called to explore my work in some way during the time of GLOBAL GROWTH (because yes, we are all being called to GROW individually, so that we can also grow collectively), keep reading for more detailed information on all of the above offers.

I love you! And I know that you are safe, and so loved by this infinite universe. Life is on your side. I’ll keep telling you this until you believe it. I’m going to help you on your journey to TRUSTING. 

Now is the time to EXPAND. When you want to curl up under a rock and hide … transform that. See the invitation. You are being called to step UP. To heal. To grow. You wouldn’t be here reading this, if that weren’t the truth.


ALL of my session types are greatly, greatly reduced in price while we move through this time.

Spiritual Life Coaching (60 minutes) – $111 AUD

Exploration Session | Astrology + Tarot (60 minutes) – $133 AUD

Naturopathy Initial (60 minutes) – $100 AUD

Naturopathy Follow-Up (30 minutes) – $50 AUD

Click HERE to book in your session. Available WORLDWIDE, as all sessions are via Skype.


This is THE theme that we need to embrace and work on in our spiritual work right now … and it just so happens that I was well underway writing a book about this exact topic when the coronavirus hit!

The eBook – the Stop Worrying, Start trusting eBook will be released on Saturday the 11th April.

Purchase your pre-sale copy for just $23 AUD (normal price from the 11th April is $30 AUD).

The eCourse – the Stop Worrying, Start Trusting eCourse Masterclass will be released on Wednesday the 1st April.

With hours of video, audio, and written content, this will help you transcend the pain, and transform your fear and worry (of whatever type) into trust, acceptance, and spiritual growth.

Click HERE to purchase your eCourse for just $55 AUD (with lifetime access to the material, as with all of my eCourses), and I will be in touch to confirm your purchase and set up your account.

You can undertake this eCourse in your own time, at your own pace.

NEW VIDEO BLOG  >> The Universe Is Your Safety Net’

Simply click the image below, to watch (viewing time 27 minutes) >>>


With a lot of love,


Beth x



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