The whole world wants to help you (changing your belief system).

‘The whole world wants to help me’

Do you believe this?

I never used to … but I do now, because I’ve changed my entire belief system over the past few years, to arrive at the point where I truly believe that life is always working in my favour (even if I can’t see ‘how’ just yet).

And here is the thing …

Because life will ALWAYS reflect back to us our beliefs about this world, it’s important to make sure your beliefs (conscious or unconscious) are actually serving you on your journey.

Most of us carry imprinted and ingrained beliefs in our subconscious that a) do not reflect what we actually want from life, and, b) aren’t even ours (they were put upon us by family, friends, teachers, or society at large).

If you believe that you are always supported by the very Source that created you (and created everything); that the universe we live in is friendly; that people love to help you; that you are loved; that abundance abides everywhere … then life will continually deliver beautiful evidence of these statements into your experience.

It’s universal law. What you believe truly does create your reality. Even if you are not conscious of this. 

This is not a ‘woo-woo’ theory. It’s quantum physics. And the knowledge is available to all of us who are willing to choose differently, learn differently, and believe differently.

I never believed this until I started experimenting with it in late 2018 — just before my life fell to pieces and I began a beautiful journey of breaking down so that I could rebuild.

I was forced to look at my own beliefs of lack, scarcity, and fear. And gradually turn them into new beliefs that supported the experience I actually want to have.

This is NOT an overnight process. 

I’ve spent the last few years PURGING so much mentally, emotionally and energetically. And through that inner work, I became a clean slate for my new belief systems to take root … and gradually grow into beautiful experiences and opportunities in my life.

This took the willingness to sit in the absolute muck of that process. Dark night after dark night. Alone. Oftentimes feeling like I would rather not be here. 

It’s been a process of having to sit in the darkness without losing hope of the light.

And let me tell you … if you can sit in that space long enough … until all that needs to be cleared has been cleared … the winter WILL end. It will.

And then spring takes hold. All those new beliefs shoot forth into your life. And you begin to realise … this stuff is REAL.

This inner work.
Changing your beliefs.
Repatterning your precious nervous system.
Purging old emotion.
Raising your vibration.

As you do this work, life reorganises around you. Because the external ALWAYS reflects the internal.

>> The whole world wants to help you. <<

If you believe it, it will become truth for you. But only if you sustain that belief day in, day out.

To remind you —>

Life is on your side
You are ALWAYS supported by the same Source that created you
Abundance is ever-present; only you can look for it in your own life
You are LOVED by Life itself

I promise you these things.

You get to decide what is true for you.

You are the only one who has the true power to change your circumstances, by changing your inner landscape (thoughts, beliefs, energetic vibration). YOU can change your life, no matter what the external circumstances may be for you right now. No matter what. 

You are one million times more powerful than you currently realise, but society doesn’t want you to know that, because then you won’t be controlled and manipulated through fear; seduced into consumerism and following the crowds. 

For each of us that recognises this, we contribute to creating a whole new world; a world where out gifts are honoured, our soul truth is recognised, and we see each other for what we really are – unique expressions of the Divine, each offering something to the collective that no one else can.

As you start to believe that the whole world wants to help you – really believe it – your outer world will slowly reorganise to reflect your new belief system.

This is the work that I do with my coaching clients. For more information on how to work 1:1 with me (online, from wherever you are in the world), come on over here.



Beth x



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