This truth will set you free.

This truth will set you free if you are willing to understand it —>

There is no security outside of The Divine.

That house.
That bank account.
The money.
The partner.
The status.
The ‘x’.

Whatever it is, if it’s of this world, it’s subject to change, and therefore it cannot be your security.

The ONLY constant is God. Source. Cosmic Intelligence.

These worldly things, they FEEL like our security. And yes, of course, we feel secure when we have them and we feel less secure when we don’t have them.

But … can you see … that where there is the possibility of losing something, it is not ‘secure’ or ‘certain’ like we think it is?

I’m not saying it isn’t important to have our worldly needs met. Of course it is.

However …

Anything that is of this world can be taken from you. We all experience this in different ways throughout our lives. Relationships end. Jobs are made redundant. Money can be lost.

What would you do if everything was taken from you tomorrow?

Where would you be turning?

When there is nothing left, you can only turn to God.

You might call this by a different name. But the sentiment stands.

I have deeply learnt this in my life. Whenever I relied on something for security — money, a man, success in my business or whatever else, it was always taken away. Leaving me to learn that none of these things are my true Source.

This was by far my hardest ‘lesson’ in my life. Having things taken away, over and over again, in order for me to learn how to trust in something so much greater than anything that is of this world.

My true Source is The Divine. God. Our Creator. 

There is no security outside of God. There just isn’t. There’s the illusion of security … but illusions can (and will) be easily broken.

I will no longer rely on money or a person or anything else of this world to be my security.

My TRUE and LASTING security is not sourced from anything in this world. It’s sourced from the safety of walking with The Divine.

It’s a choice that anyone can make, anytime. To do this. To walk with the same intelligence that created you, knowing that you are forever held.

This truth will set you free, if you are willing to go to the depths of yourself and find the courage to live it.

With love,


Beth x



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