How can you trust that you are ‘exactly where you are supposed to be’?

When life feels really hard, it can be really infuriating to be told, 

‘You’re exactly where you need to be’,


‘Trust the timing of your life’


‘Everything happens for a reason’.

You certainly don’t have to believe it. And when all evidence appears to the contrary – you most likely won’t.

Trust + faith are concepts that are rooted in blindness.

There’s no ‘logical’ reason to have trust and faith in your life. In what’s happening around you.

Trust and faith are concepts that stem from a belief in something greater than us – whatever you personally want to call it – and a belief in that there’s a higher order to the universe.

Trust and faith aren’t usually tangible – we have to cultivate them BEFORE the thing we want shows up in our life, BEFORE we get better, BEFORE things change for your greater good. 

As my kinesiologist once said to me, ‘you’re wanting the universe to build you a bridge FIRST – but it doesn’t work like that’.

Trust and faith require us to completely surrender control. Which doesn’t mean that we don’t take clear and focussed action to make change – but it means that we understand our role is not to try and force life, but only to participate in it with everything we’ve got, then let go of the outcome.

They require us to believe we can have the thing that feels most right + true for us – before we physically get to see it, experience it, hold it.

Trust and faith require us to go against all the ‘logic’ in the world.

Eckhart Tolle wisely says, 

‘Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know that this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.’

I choose to trust my life – what is happening in it, how things are unfolding – because the alternative is more stressful to me. 

I have trust and faith, because the alternatives are stress, panic and anxiety. 

When things feel chaotic, it is that faith I have developed in a higher universal order that gets me through – that allows me to remain anchored in the present moment, knowing that ‘this too shall pass’.

If I didn’t have that faith, I would fall apart. It’s the faith that keeps me breathing through it.

And when it comes to taking risks and chances on myself and my life? Without trust – I wouldn’t do it. (And I have done it enough times now, to know that this trust + faith thing is real).

Having trust and faith have been the sole factors in allowing me to create a life that I deeply love – that is a total reflection of my soul.

I believe that once we exhaust ourselves for long enough trying to control every element of life – that’s when we start to trust.

That’s when we start to hand over the reigns to whatever we believe in, surrendering, saying, I trust you now.

Saying, I’m exhausted, please take over. 

Don’t exhaust yourself anymore trying to control everything.

Ultimately – not much is really within your control anyway.

You don’t even know how many days, weeks, months, years you have left of your life – that is the largest thing you cannot control, and every day you must surrender to that fact. Surely, this makes it easier to surrender to the smaller things, too.

This is something that comes up often with clients. People who feel as though they’ve been let down their whole life. I deeply understand that this is a huge mindset shift to make. From fear to trust.

But if you are living in fear, is it not worth just trying trust + faith – for a little while? Like an experiment.

Saying, today, this week, this month … I am going to trust what happens for me.
I am going to go with the flow, to surrender and stop fighting with my life.
I am going to stop worrying about solutions – just for a little while.
I am going to see what comes of believing that this experience – what I am going through right now – is actually for my higher good.
That is is helping me to cultivate the qualities that I need to become the person that I really want to be.
That it is necessary for the evolution of my own life.
That I will be able to use it for my own good – and for the good of other people – eventually.

We need the lessons, the challenges, the hardships. They shape us.

But if we don’t trust these experiences – despite their necessary pain – we don’t get the shaping. We don’t get the growth. We just get bitterness and resentment.

Choose to trust your life.

As silly as it may seem or feel at times – just choose to do it, and see what happens. Your faith might flicker – mine still does at times – but I can guarantee that if you keep tending to it, stoking the fires of your faith, it will eventually win. It will win over fear and doubt and blame, and it will win over you feeling like the victim.

To me, trust and faith are far better than the alternative.

What do you think?

Love –


Beth x



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