Trusting in abundance during a global pandemic.

For those of you who are sickeningly worried about money / abundance right now …

I want to tell you a little story from my life about this exact topic.

Sometime in 2018, I remember thinking how relieved I was that I wouldn’t have to stress about supporting myself financially (alone) ‘ever again’ (😂).

I was in a long-term, combined income relationship, and my partner had a solid income, while I ran my business at home and did all of the housework / cooking / cleaning / admin / pet caring. And I was under the illusion that my life was solid, stable and secure (again, 😂).

Even though my soul knew that this relationship was no longer a right fit for me, my human mind struggled with any idea of ever wanting to ‘do life in my own’ ever again. No thanks. I’d spent my whole adult life just getting by (as a student and then business owner) and, to be honest, deep down I really didn’t trust my own ability to comfortably support myself alone. (Side note: this lack of trust was showing me exactly where I had work to do, I was just in complete resistance at that time).

Fast forward to end of 2018.

On Christmas Eve 2018, my long-term de facto relationship ended, leaving me in the heart-wrenching spin of heart grief that is the signature of a break-up.

By March 2019, I had spent every dollar of the money I exited the relationship with setting up my ‘new life’.

On March 23rd 2019, I sat in a park in the dark with my sweet dog, leaning on a tree and crying.

This was a pivotal moment for me. I remember it vividly. Out loud, I asked the universe to please, please help me. I was so terrified. I can’t describe how terrified I was. To be alone in a city where I had no family and so many expenses to meet, with a lot of debt and in complete LACK mentality.

One year on, I watch as the world spins, collectively, into this same LACK mentality, made manifest by different circumstances.

Because of the work I did in the last 12 months – the spiritual work, the inner work, the energetic ABUNDANCE work – I am not feeling this same sense of lack. I have not had one financial freak out since this unfolded.

But one year ago, I did, in my own unique way.

And what I want to say to you is, if you are in pure terror because you have lost your income, or you feel very much in lack (and subsequent terror) because of what is unfolding in the world, then I am so sorry. I am genuinely so, so sorry.

I have been there, albeit through different circumstances.

To the beautiful business owners, I am so sorry.

To the beautiful people who don’t know how they are going to feed their families, I am so sorry.

To the beautiful people who do not believe that they are abundantly supported by this universe, I am so sorry.

Truly, I am so sorry for your terror, heartache and pain. I may not be experiencing that right at the moment, but I have been there.

One of the most terrifying things for me in early 2019 was, on too many occasions, not knowing how I was going to feed myself. Or my beloved pet (who, as it happens, carried me through the hardest time of my life).

I know what it’s like to be maxing every bit of credit you have. To not have anyone at all who has your back (that’s what it feels like, anyway).

It’s excruciating.

So, I am so sorry.

Next, I want to tell you this:

You can still manifest abundance and miracles during a recession.

You might not believe this, and I understand that.

But I do believe it. Why?

Because I know (after just a bit of experimentation with this 😂) that abundance is simply an ENERGY.

And when you stay in the ENERGY (vibration) of abundance, you will continually draw it into your life, no matter what the outer circumstances.

I no longer need to know ‘how’ abundance is going to flow to me. It does, constantly, in a variety of fun and interesting ways that I mostly never could have predicted.

Most people think that their job is the only way that money can flow to them. This isn’t true.

(FYI, I, along with many, have lost one of my major sources of income due to this pandemic. But I know something else is flowing in).

When you open yourself to limitless money (and limitless abundance, which encompasses far more than just money), you truly will see that it can come in many different forms.

Listen: your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. 

There will be people who move through this time in history experiencing nothing but abundance.

This will not be because they have millions in the bank. Rather, it will be because they will naturally choose to notice abundance everywhere.

It will be because they know, deep down, that abundance is ALL there is. It will be because they deeply trust that the universe has their back, and that what they need will flow to them exactly as they need it.

Because their INNER world feels abundant, their OUTER world has to reflect this.

These people live in trust, not fear.

I am not saying that any of this is easy. It took me 12 months + of inner work to be able to get to that place. And I am STILL always working on my abundance mentality. Still always (every day) feeling into the energy of abundance, and making sure I am aligning with it by noticing abundance EVERYWHERE.

There will be people who don’t agree with this. That’s ok. My words will not be for everyone. But if there’s an inkling within you that believes in what I am saying … or that’s interested … keep doing the work.

This is INNER work, my friends. Energy work. Vibrational work. Raising your own personal vibration, to align with that of abundance (and love and joy and gratitude).

Fortunately, our own energy is the one thing that we are always in control of. You always have the ability to shift your perception, and change the way you feel, and thus, raise your vibration.

So, where to start?

Well, the journey to learning about this is not an overnight one. But, I invite you now to set an intention to align with the energy of abundance, constantly. If you simply make this your intention, then the right people, places, books, classes, or whatever else, will make themselves manifest in your life. Get ready for a fun journey of learning about ABUNDANCE!

You can also use the list of abundant affirmations that I have left for you further below, as a way to simply start shifting your energy around this topic.

Or, you can dive into my Abundance Masterclass, which contains several hours of video content on this exact topic, alongside some beautiful abundant guided meditations, and in-depth written work to help you align (daily) with the vibration of abundance and manifest more and more of it into your life, no matter what the rest of the world is doing.

Check out Abundance Masterclass just HERE, and join in from anywhere in the world. This will help you shift your energy. 


♥ Abundance is my only reality.

♥ I always have more than enough.

♥ I trust the continuous flow of money.

♥ I always have everything I need.

♥ The universe constantly blesses me with abundance of all shapes and forms and types.

♥ The more grateful I am, the more I create more to be grateful for within my life.

♥ The universe desires to support me.

♥ The universe has my back, always.

♥ Divine timing is on my side.

♥ Everything flows to me exactly as I need it.

♥ I choose to be notice abundance everywhere.

♥ I choose to be grateful.

♥ I know that all of my needs are met, now and always.

♥ I stay in this present moment, where everything is just fine.

♥ I trust in the greater plan for my life.

♥ I know that the highest good is unfolding for me and for those that I love.

♥ I give thanks for the blessings that this universe consistently bestows upon me.

♥ Life keeps getting better and better as I notice more and more that I am grateful for.

♥ I can manifest abundance and miracles at any time, regardless of what is happening for anyone else.

♥ I am creating my own reality, and I choose to create a magical one.

♥ I choose to be joyful for no reason.

♥ I trust life.

♥ I trust abundance.

♥ I trust money.

♥ I trust myself.

Sending you much love, wherever you are in the world …

… and remember, abundance is ALWAYS available to you –


Beth x


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