Trusting yourself in a noisy world.

Trusting yourself

It can be really hard to trust yourself (your inner knowing, your intuition), in a world that is literally a SEA of noise and opinions.

As I personally move through a period of my life that is filled with change and transformation, my mantra lately has had to be (by sheer necessity!), I trust myself.

I keep having to come back to this truth: It’s safe to trust myself. It’s so important to trust myself. Even when (and especially when) others don’t agree.

I have to keep reminding myself: No one (no one, no one) knows me, better than me.

It’s scary, when our inner self (or higher self or soul, or whatever you like to call it), is calling us to go against the grain. To make choices that may seem a little crazy to others.

Being true to ourselves literally forces us to shed our need for external validation, relying solely on our own selves for encouragement.

And shedding the need for external validation? This can feel so very uncomfortable.

We can think, but if I choose what I know is best for ME, and others don’t agree, will I end up … alone? Ostracised? Rejected?

But the thing is … none of that really matters.

Because anything that falls away in the process of you becoming more of who you really are … is no longer meant for you anyway.

Trusting yourself … it requires being connected to your intuition. It requires being able to tune in, to hear the whispers.

As I said to a client today: your intuition, it doesn’t scream. It just whispers. And it can so easily (SO easily) be overridden by the NOISE of the mind. Or the noise of societal expectations. Or the noise of other people’s opinions.

This is why I’m such a big fan of space, stillness, and downtime. When we rest, when we nourish ourselves, when we consciously slow down … we can tune in. To ourselves. And in that space, we have much greater chance of accessing the true wisdom that our inner selves hold for us.

Remember: in this game of life, you can’t really get it wrong.

Life is just an unfolding set of experiences, for us to move through and grow from. We can always redirect. We can always make change.

Don’t overanalyse every decision. Just go with your hunches. Trust that what unfolds, is just perfect for your soul path, for your unique journey.

Above all … trust yourself. The more credit you give yourself for knowing exactly what is right (and wrong) for you, the stronger your intuition will become. And that will feel amazing. It will feel like you are living life on purpose (rather than just for everyone else).

Amazing human, be true to you. You are needed in the world as your TRUE self. Your most authentic, vibrant, fulfilled, vibrant self.

Love –


Beth x



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