The universe is looking after you.

I wanted to remind you of something:

The universe is looking after you.

(If you don’t believe this, please keep reading).

YOU are at the focus of so much universal attention, support, love, help and guidance.

Now…I know it’s easy to forget this. (It’s even harder if you never believed it in the first place).

But, today, I invite you to re-remember it. Or, to START believing it.

Oftentimes in life, it feels like things are happening TO us, instead of FOR us.

When times feel hard and challenging, it’s easier to play the victim. And wonder, why me?

But the thing is, sometimes the universe has to look after us in ways that don’t feel good.

For example …

When we get rejected (but we’re actually being redirected).

When we get sick (but we’re actually being forced to wake up to what needs to change).

When we lose money (but we’re being deeply asked to acknowledge how we deal with, honour, and respect our finances, and to step into more of an abundance mentality).

The list could go on. And on.

The point is, the universe is always on your side. Seriously!

But this is what you have to realise >>>

The universe is actually responding to your vibration.

Truly, it is.

Soooooo, let me use my above examples to elaborate on this  …

// If you get rejected, you may ask yourself, was my energy in alignment with the person / thing / situation I was rejected from?

Did I really believe I was worthy of this person / thing / situation?

Conversely, sometimes we energetically outgrow people and situations without even realising it, and that’s when the universe will create a ’rejection’ situation, because it literally wants us to move forward into something more energetically aligned.

// If you get sick, you may ask yourself, did I receive warning signs and symptoms, asking me to make change – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually?

And did I receive these (and ignore them) for quite a long time? (Oftentimes, illness is delivered when we are being inauthentic and not listening to ourselves).

// If you lose money in some way, you must ask yourself, am I residing in an abundance vibration right now? Am I valuing, honouring, and appreciating all of the abundance in my life? Am I truly energetically resonant with holding space for money right now?

These are not easy questions to ask ourselves.

It’s not easy to truly ponder how we may have called a situation in, on purpose. Or how it could possibly be for our ‘greater good’.

But, let me tell you …

There is so much POWER in taking responsibility for yourself and your life in this way.

We can choose to be the victim, or to be the HEROINE of our own story. To rise up and take massive responsibility for choosing to feel good.

And I can promise you …

When you deeply begin to believe and understand and feel that YOUR energetic vibration, the frequency you are residing in, has the power to direct your life for the better or for the worse … life gets super fun.

Please know, the universe does not punish you. Rather, the universe responds to your vibration. Your energetic vibration.

It is highly empowering to begin to live life as though you know this.

To choose to feel good, no matter what is going on around you – because you understand that the universe is tuned in to YOUR vibrational frequency, and will respond accordingly.

Therefore, if you want a beautiful and amazing life, you must start tuning in to your energy, and shifting it.

You are a powerful creator.

And I want you to know that you can create this life you desire, by working with your energy, and raising your vibration.

With love,


Beth x



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