Unplug from the world, plug back in to your heart.

The matrix we live in (society) programmes us into burnout …

We are taught what we ‘need’ to do, to be ‘successful’ …

We tick the boxes …

We are obedient little humans, always doing what we think we ‘should’ …

But many end up wondering, what’s it all for?

I have had client upon client upon client say this to me …

They express to me that the massive hours they work at their corporate job leave them burnt out and barely able to move on the weekend.

Beating themselves up because they have no energy left for anything else.

But still pushing through to meet the ongoing demands of family, friends, and whatever else.

I observe that most people only make change when they reach rock bottom.

And hopefully, through that experience, they begin the process of unplugging from the matrix and plugging back into their own truth.

When most of the people around you are still very much plugged it, it can be a lonely road to choose a different path.

But one by one, I see so many people deciding that this isn’t what they want for their lives.

They start to give themselves permission to explore a different way, a different path.

If you can relate and this is the journey you are on … stick with it.

It is *imperative* that we each find the way of ‘doing life’ that allows us to THRIVE, and not only survive.

When you deeply think about it … what do you feel the purpose of YOUR life is?

To be burnt out all the time in the never ending pursuit of more? I think not …

Go within, go within, go within.

There, and only there will you find out the meaning and purpose of your own existence.

Unplug from the world and back into your heart 🖤

With love –


Beth x



Beth Bridges

Naturopath + Women’s Life Coach

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