Value yourself, and the world will value you.

When I first started my business, I really didn’t value myself or my work, and it was very much reflected back to me by what I was attracting.

I consistently received emails from people wanting help, but not wanting to book in. Or the clients I did have rarely wanted to book consultations, but always wanted advice via email.

Complete strangers that found me on social media used to send loooooong emails with their entire health + life history and ask me what they should do.

I would have to chase invoices and remind people to pay me.

It was so frustrating … and, I had no one to blame, but myself.

Because I didn’t value myself and my work, the people I attracted into my business world didn’t, either.

When I got fed up enough with that, I started to slowly but surely make change. I raised my prices a little, stopped tying to help every single person for free (massively burning myself out in the process), implemented systems where clients and customers had to pay me before receiving the service or product, and some other things.

I’m still learning, but what I am attracting into my world is so much more aligned. I feel so much better about it!

This does NOT just apply to business. I use business purely as an example.

This applies to LIFE – in all areas.

When you value yourself, the world will value you. It is so incredibly true.

When you realise how much you offer the world, every single day, you will stop bending yourself backwards in the pursuit of pleasing every single person at the expense of your well-being.

It is a wonderful thing to help people without expectation. I still do SO much for free in my business.

But now, it’s because I want to. And not because I feel like I’m not worthy of being paid – which is what was subconsciously happening in the beginning.

Where in your life do you let your boundaries get crossed because you don’t feel worthy of having boundaries in the first place?

Most of us do it, somewhere.

Start honouring yourself – without fear of consequence – and the world will honour you back!

With love,


Beth x



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