What yoga continues to teach me.

After having a very ‘on and off’ yoga practice for the past few months, I made a commitment to myself this past week, and went to class most days.

I was reminded of how important it is to dedicate time to a ritual that removes me from my mind, and the self-created ‘busyness’ of my life.

Every time I walk (or float) out of a yoga class, I feel blissfully aware of how much I create my own drama. And, I feel much more committed to doing whatever I need to, to NOT create drama!

Because this is the truth: ‘peace’ rarely exists around us, but we can consciously create it for ourselves, if we choose to.

Your soul is already calm, and already knows all things as perfect – it’s your monkey mind that’s wreaking havoc in your life!

So, my fire for yoga has been reignited. It is, after all, the practice that ultimately changed the trajectory of my life. 

I sometimes stray from my path of yoga. But I’m always, always, always led back to it (gratefully).

And it’s always there, patiently waiting to draw me back to my centre, back to my truth, to my innate knowing of why I’m here, and what really matters.

I’m ridiculously grateful for this practice, and all the people who’ve taught me and guided me. It’s so much more than just poses on a yoga mat. The people who teach us yoga are facilitating our own self-growth and expansion.

So, thank you, yoga, for always being there for me, and continuing to teach me what I so often forget: the only thing that REALLY matters, is my connection to that part of me that is eternal, true, and unaffected by my self-created drama.



Beth x


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