Why I wanted to quit being a Naturopath.

Beth Bridges

Setting up and growing my business over the past couple of years has been a wild, joyful, and often tough ride. I’ve been SO blessed to help many wonderful women – I love what I do.

But let me tell you why I wanted to quite being a Naturopath for a period of time there. 

You see, when I was about 22 (9 years ago), I’d just begun studying to be a Naturopath, and at the time was going through a host of challenges myself. I had bad adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances (leading to chronic PMS and period pain), anxiety, and exhaustion. I was completely burnt out. I had come off the pill and I was suffering bad acne.

I went to see my own Naturopath, who put me on an amazing protocol to heal my adrenals, balance my nervous system and hormones, and soothe my frazzled self. We looked at my entire physical health picture. We did hormone testing, used herbal medicines and the highest quality supplements, and talked about every possible thing that was going on within my body.

It was amazing, and it certainly helped – but it wasn’t enough. 

It wasn’t enough to make me feel 100% better. Something was missing. There was still something drastic that needed to change within my life.

In the two years following that time, I was still struggling with an anxiety that could, at times, be crippling. I was still exhausted, and I didn’t know why. I was doing all the ‘right’ things.

The thing is, at this exact time of my life, I was at a point where I was very much ignoring MANY things that desperately needed to be tended to. 

I was in a relationship that no longer fit me, with someone whose path no longer matched mine in any way.
I was being dominated by a long-time best friend.
I was a chronic people pleaser – I couldn’t stand to have anyone upset with me.
I had no connection to any sort of spiritual practice like yoga, meditation, journalling.
I really had NO idea what I wanted for myself.
I had never been taught how important it was to discover who your real, true, and authentic self is … and then create a life which reflects that.

I was, in effect, totally lost. 

And it wasn’t until, one by one, I changed each of these things within my life, that my physical health also did a complete one-eighty.

In a way, my life crumbled down around me, and in the process of re-building it, I got to discover who I actually was, and what I really wanted. Until then, I’d just been doing what everybody else told me to do!

9 years on, I can hand on heart say, that I truly believe that NO amount of good nutrition, herbs, supplements, gym workouts, or anything else ‘healthy’ that we may do, can compensate for the following things: 

// Not taking the time to connect with your authentic / true / REAL self.
// Not living your purpose in the world.
// Not listening to what your spirit wants for you, and instead doing what everybody else (or society) tells you to do.
// Pleasing everybody except yourself.
// Not having strong boundaries where you learn to govern your own life and say no when you need to.
// Being way too busy for your own good.
// Living in fear in such a way that you never take risks and chances one your one wild + precious life!

I believe it is these things that cause us to become stressed, unhappy, and discontent – which goes on to reflect in our physical health, through the manifestation of signs and symptoms. 

And the most common signs and symptoms I see in the women I work with are anxiety, PMS, period pain, adrenal fatigue, burnout and exhaustion.

I can’t say I’m surprised. Our hormonal systems are literally screaming at us.

Often, when something needs to change for us health-wise … the answer doesn’t necessarily lie in eating organic food.

But it often DOES lie in changing your life as you currently know it. 

(Please don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE nutrition, herbs, and the many other facets of naturopathy. I will continue to live and breathe them forever. I know that my body is my temple. BUT – I will also continue to live and breathe my authenticity. And create my life in a way that feels wonderful to me. And say no to the things that really AREN’T meant for me in this life – of which there are many).

And so, THIS is why I almost wanted to quit being a Naturopath.

Because I felt that many of the people coming to me weren’t open to addressing these integral parts of themselves.

And I felt frustrated trying to explain … that supplements are only a small piece of the puzzle.

That you can be doing EVERYTHING right (from the outside), and still be unwell – because you may be ignoring what’s screaming at you from within.

And so, rather than quit, I chose to start working differently with clients. I started to bring all of these questions to the forefront with them:

What makes you tick?
What do you truly desire in life?
Does your current life reflect where you desire to be?
Do you even KNOW what you really want?

And I started to discover … many women have never allowed themselves to consider:

What do I want? What do I need? 

We grow up learning that we are here to tend to everybody else … and never to ourselves. And so often, we find our adult self asking the difficult question,

Why do I feel so unfulfilled? 

And then, because we also find ourselves surrounded by the life we have created – which involves other people – we feel like we can’t make any changes.

We feel as though pursuing our own needs, dreams and desires would be selfish, and that we should sacrifice it all, in the name of ‘keeping the peace’.

But it is my deep belief that – even in the face of busy life – we can and MUST prioritise ourselves.

Because when we allow ourselves to seek our own fulfilment – however that looks to each of us – then our happiness flows into ALL areas of our lives, and benefits everybody around us.

All love to you –


Beth x


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