Why your hormones can’t balance.

Why your hormones can't balance

There is a reason that hormonal imbalances, burnout, exhaustion and overwhelm run SO many women’s lives and health. 

And, this reason is usually the very last thing to be addressed.

Many of us want to think that if we take a million supplements, or eat enough organic food … we will heal. And magically become calm, balanced, energetic, and brimming with vitality.

But the truth is, most women who suffer month after month with PMS and chronic period pain, struggling each morning with chronic exhaustion, and wondering WHY they feel like they are drowning in their own lives, have one big thing in common:

They put themselves last on their own to-do list.

The reality is: 

Your hormones will find it nearly impossible to be balanced, until you start to prioritise YOURSELF as much as you prioritise everybody else in your life.

Until your make YOURSELF as important as your husband, children, pets, employees, boss, co-workers, mother, father, siblings, and friends.

Until you start to extend YOURSELF the same time, energy, money, attention, and resources that you extend to everybody else.

Look … as a naturopath, I truly LOVE the healing powers of nature.

I love using nutrition and herbs and flower essences and homeopathics, as tools to help in the healing process.
There is a huge place for the role of proper detoxification, in aiding hormonal balance.
Herbal medicine is now becoming a scientifically proven way of treating many ailments.
And, our bodies literally need certain nutrients to thrive (many of which we simply cannot get from the foods grown in our nutrient-void Australian soils).

BUT – often, the real healing that needs to happen, is within our own mindset.

In many cases, we must change the way we prioritise ourselves, before we see any change in our physical and emotional health.

It is well and truly time, for a revolution in the way women care for themselves.

Too much is expected of us, and we are the only ones who can take a stand.

If you are waiting for someone in your life to magically realise that you aren’t doing so well and that you need support … stop. 

Stop, and then give that support to yourself.

Sometimes, my clients ask me, ‘what do you do to feel better when you aren’t coping with life’?

They ask me this, because I am open and honest with them about the fact that I, too, struggle at times with the following:

/ overwhelm
/ burnout
/ emotional ups and downs
/ PMS and other hormonal issues
/ feeling alone
/ and MORE

And my response to them is: I reach out.

I don’t wait for someone to ‘notice’ or ‘figure out’ that I am not doing so well.
I don’t have time for that.
I need to feel better, ASAP.
Because … I have things to do! (As do you).

And so, when I am really struggling – I go and get myself what I need.

I give myself permission to speak to my own life coach or kinesiologist.
I give myself permission to go to my chiropractor and get my spine aligned (because the spine is an integral part off your physical health AND it holds emotions).
If I’m feeling energetically imbalanced, I may have a reiki session.
I take a big huge dose of my own naturopathic advice and up all my nutrients, all my herbs.
I spend money on good quality food.
I may go out for a wine (or two!) with a girlfriend.
I may go to the beach and sit with nature for a little while.
I may have a good look at all the things in my life that I need to start saying a big NO to, and where I need to firm up my boundaries.

And believe me, I know … there are a million reasons why we CAN’T do things like this for ourselves.

Time, money, responsibilities. I get it.

I have worked with enough women to hear every reason why they can’t do what they know they NEED to do, to feel better.

I have reasons of my own (that I have learnt to ignore/overcome).

Because, seriously, if you let those ‘reasons’ continually stop you from looking after yourself, from healing, and from feeling better in yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – then it is very unlikely that your hormones will ever balance.

If you don’t start to put yourself right up their on your own to-do list, it is very unlikely that your hormones will balance.

Listen: the greatest relationship you will ever have in this lifetime is with yourself.

You should be your own best friend.
You are with yourself forever.
For as long as you live.

Don’t you think it’s time that you start to nurture the most important relationship of your life??

Please know, I feel your pain.
Truly: I am teaching exactly what I need to learn.
I need to hear this … just as much as any other woman does.

The degree to which your hormones are balanced (or not balanced) is a reflection of your own life, of the degree to which you are truly prioritising yourself. 

So please, gorgeous woman, remember this:

You do not have to pull yourself apart, to keep others whole.

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Beth Bridges

Naturopath / Women’s Life Coach // Perth, Australia / Skype /


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