As a woman who walks on eggshells to keep the peace for everyone but herself, there will be a point where your soul firmly says to you … enough.

Enough people pleasing.

Enough martyrdom.

Enough tolerating that which is not worthy of your time, energy, and love.

Enough letting people walk all over you …

This is a pivotal moment in your journey, one where you decide with conviction, to reclaim your life, your energy, and your soul path. 

This is the beginning of honouring yourself, truly and completely, perhaps for the first time in your life.

Like me, you were probably the classic ‘good little girl’ who grew up into a ‘people pleasing woman’.

Playing into the classic role of the martyr – like so many women have been trained to do – believing that our purpose is purely to tend to the needs of everyone else.

Living from a place of low self-worth, where we convince ourselves to ‘just put up with’ things and behaviours that deep down, at a soul level, we know are not ok.

Pushing our precious bodies and minds beyond their limits, day in, day out, and ending up with adrenal fatigue because of it.

I’ve experienced it all at such a deep level … and I’ve also overcome it all.

I am no longer a people pleasing woman. Rather, I am a woman who loves to serve other people … but no longer does so at the expense of my own self.

I now serve from the overflow of my very full cup. And I don’t feel bad saying no to that which my soul tells me to say no to. I honour myself in every way, every day.

I’ve overcome my people pleasing ways. I know how to have loving, healthy boundaries. I am true to my soul self, always.

And I know that you can have ALL of this.

Over the years in my business, I have worked with SO many people pleasing women.

I would say it’s the #1 reason why women are drawn to my work – because they have realised on the deepest level that they can’t keep going on like this.

And I can relate so deeply to these beautiful beings, because I come from the same background.

Giving from an already empty cup.
Prioritising everyone and everything over their own wellness.
Living in their masculine in order to constantly meet ridiculous expectations from other people and this society.
Pushing through adrenal fatigue to please people.
The list goes on …

Woman by woman, I get to experience the JOY of watching one soul at a time reclaim herself.

This Masterclass I have created for you, is a resource that will help you to shed your people pleasing ways, begin to bravely set boundaries, and in time, begin to live the life your soul truly wants you to live.

Women, Boundaries, and People Pleasing – a Masterclass ♦

In this Masterclass, I dive deeply into the following topics >

♦ My personal journey to freeing myself from needing to please everyone, and to setting consistent healthy boundaries

♦ How we learn to become ‘good little girls’ in our youngest years, and this then conditions us for our adulthood

♦ Exploring the energetic imprinting of martyrdom that is passed on through lineage after lineage of women

♦ Deconditioning ourselves from what we learnt from our parents, teachers, society, and whatever / whoever else, so that we can free ourselves up to step into our TRUE soul purpose

♦ Tapping into the notion of the soul journey, or soul blueprint, and making a conscious commitment to yourself to do whatever it takes to come back to your own truth

♦ Getting clear on what we are no longer willing to tolerate

♦ All things boundaries: why they are absolutely necessary, how to get clear on where you need to set them, and how to follow through with this (even when you feel terrified)

♦ Exploring our self-worth and our beliefs around what we feel we deserve in our lives, and raising the standards so that we can attract better things into our experience

♦ Working on our inner world so that our outer world can shift and change (as within, so without)

♦ And more!

The Details ♥

Investment: $67 AUD

Length: 2.5 hours of video and audio content

Access: to access the content, you simply need a device that has access to the internet; once purchased, you have lifetime access to the material

To Purchase ♥

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Ready To Enrol?

It would be my deep pleasure to support you through this content. Please know, that my certainty that you can get through this time of your life – and BLOOM on the other side – is greater than your doubt.

If I can do it … you can do it.

Sending you so much love.

Please email with any questions.

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