Yoga: a love story!


I’m sorry to be so cliche, but yoga changed my life. 

If you’re someone that loves yoga, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you’re someone that really doesn’t love yoga, you might be cringing inside. That’s ok – I know that not everything is for everyone.

I do believe, though, that at some point in each of our lives, some ‘thing’ comes along, which connects us back so closely to who we actually are – that we are forever changed.

And, for me, that was yoga.

6 years ago, yoga saved my hormones, my adrenal glands, and my nervous system, at the height of a period that was turbulent, uncertain, and quite heart-wrenching.

Ever since, it has been my go-to best friend, whenever I’ve felt anxious, sad, unsupported, alone, stressed, frazzled – and even when I haven’t.

Its given such strength to so many of my muscles – the real ones (hello, triceps), but also the other ones, like my muscle of ‘resiliency’, and my muscle of ‘saying no’.

It’s helped me get clear on what I’m doing with my short, precious life – and actually take the action to make this happen.

It’s been my constant companion in the big city of Sydney where, at times, I have felt very, very lonely.

It’s shown me how much tension I carry in my body, and how truly amazing it feels to let that go on a regular basis.

Through the discipline, it’s helped me to transcend things I didn’t think I could do (because finally achieving a certain asana, is a metaphor for finally achieving something else that you really would love to achieve in your life – and in both cases, it takes effort and consistency).

It kept me company on a rooftop when I was by myself in Calcutta, sunset after sunset, as I watched the whole city turn to darkness and flocks of birds fly through the changing sky.

It’s stopped my tendency to question my own physical body, and greatly deepened my gratitude for my great health.

Most of all, yoga has proven itself as my lifelong ‘go-to’ for absolutely anything. 

I rarely worry about the certain inevitabilities that face me in my life – the things that are going to rock me and challenge me – because I know yoga will help me get through them. It will always be there.

So, even on the days when it kicks my butt (which is a lot of them), I LOVE YOGA.

Do you have something that you love SO MUCH?

Something that doesn’t require you to be dependent on someone else for your happiness and contentment, but that forces you to come back to yourself for those very things?

If not, I encourage you to find it, whatever it is. What is that thing that you love to do, that expects nothing of you but gives you so much, that engages you in no expectation, except that of just being? 

Do that, and do it a lot, because your life will be so much more fulfilling for it.

Big love,


Beth x


Naturopath / Women’s Life Coach // Melbourne, Australia / Skype /


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