You are not alone.

Regardless of what you’re feeling this New Years Eve – good, bad, happy, sad, anything – I just wanted to remind you that you are not alone, and share with you a little story about my last couple of New Years Eves …

On NYE 2018, I was one week out from a long-term break-up, absolutely heartbroken and grief stricken and alone in Melbourne (not my home city) … I had to force myself to eat a piece of toast and a bliss ball for dinner, watched the Taylor Swift concert on Netflix, and I went to bed promising myself that I would pick myself up day in, day out – holding onto the little glimmer of hope I had within me that I would recover (and that I eventually did!).

On NYE 2019, I looked after 5 babies (it’s a long story, let’s just say I ran a creche that night).

Tonight, on NYE 2020, I sit here writing this to you in real time, it’s 7.30pm where I am and I really don’t think I’m far out of bed!

This has been the hugest year for all of us. I have spoken to a lot of people who are also choosing to have a quiet night in alone – and I know that there are many around the world who are having the night alone, not by choice.

I don’t feel alone at all this evening as I sit here writing this to you, but in the past I would have. 

In the past two years I’ve faced the absolute depths of loneliness, facing off with my absolute darkest thoughts, and I’ve come out the other side with a deep appreciation for not only my own Self, but also for my reignited connection with the Higher Intelligence which I absolutely KNOW governs all things – whether you call that God, or the Divine, or whatever else. It has been an incredibly beautiful experience.

So if you feel very alone tonight, or ever, I really encourage you to remember that you were created by something so much greater than any of us can comprehend …

You are here on purpose …

Even when it feels like you are alone, you are NOT. 

Even when it feels like you are completely misunderstood, you truly aren’t. 

When it feels like you don’t belong, it’s truly because you are here to help bring in the new paradigm that humanity is moving into.

These challenging feelings are extremely valid, but they are also our opportunity to look further …. go deeper … and explore what’s beyond this material world of our senses.

I really understand that sometimes, it feels like it would be much easier to just not be here.

But nothing of the senses truly satisfies the soul, and if you don’t find something deeper to connect to, these feelings persist.

Sometimes our loneliest phases in life are a deep call from the soul, to connect to our divine Creator. To acknowledge that, truly, we have never been alone, and we never will be alone. 

As the saying goes,

If you knew what walked beside you, you would never feel afraid again. 

And so, on this New Years Eve, I offer you this solace, the solace of deeply knowing that you are so beyond loved, held, and supported by the Divine Intelligence that literally created you, that breathes life into you, day in, day out. 

With that, I’m going to go and do a meditation … then hopefully have a wonderful rest.

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With a lot of love on this New Years Eve … from my heart to yours, you are NOT alone. I absolutely promise you. 


Beth x



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