You may as well follow your heart.

No matter whether you choose to step outside the box and take a chance on what your soul wants you to do in this life; or whether you choose to play it safe; you will experience pain.

You will experience pain EITHER WAY.

If you follow your heart, you will experience the pain of spiritual growth and evolution that comes with ANY dream.

It’s designed this way.

You can’t get what you TRULY WANT without going through what you need to go through, in order to be *grown* into the highest version of yourself — the version of you that has everything you desire.

If you don’t follow your heart, you will experience the pain of that eternal ‘niggle’.

The niggle that tells you, ‘there could be more for me’. (That niggle is always correct).

This type of pain may not be quite so ‘intense’ at the time — but this is the type of pain that can last a LIFETIME.

It’s the type of pain that will have you thinking later in your life, I wish I had followed my heart.

I will always choose the first type — and always have — because I want to know that I gave it my all.

If I died tomorrow, I would know that I have truly done everything I could to try and make my dreams come true.

Even though it is never ‘easy’, my soul feels happy. It feels on track.

Either way, we all experience pain in this life. It’s unavoidable. But you get to decide whether it’s the pain of following your heart, or the pain of suppressing your heart. One of those paths leads to fulfilment … the other does not.

Be brave ♥️ for you are always, always guided from within about what choices to make.

Let your mind bow down to the wisdom of your heart!



Beth x


Beth Bridges

Naturopath + Women’s Life Coach

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