You will thrive again.

Last September, I moved through an incredibly tough time of my life where I experienced loneliness in a way that I’ve never experienced it before.

The culmination of the prior two years of pure challenge in my life, most of which was experienced alone, on top of lockdown experienced alone, had left me in a place of deep hopelessness and despair.

I felt desperately isolated and as though no one understood me.

I was spiralling each day with a lot of very strong thoughts about not wanting to be here anymore.

I would sit alone with tears streaming down my face, in the darkest moments of my life.

And then …

My inner self called me to start a garden, so I listened.

I gathered what I needed and planted some seeds.

And I will never forget the day that I went outside to find that my first seeds had pushed their way up through the soil.

I cried.

I cried because I realised in a way that I had never realised before … there is something greater than us in charge of this.

It was so clear to me that there was a DIVINE Intelligence that grew that absolutely tiny seed, into this beautiful green plant that is somehow magically pushing its way through this dirt.

And I thought …

If Divine Intelligence is helping that seed become the incredible plant that it’s destined to become …

Then maybe, just maybe, Divine Intelligence is helping ME to grow and flourish into what I’m supposed to become.

And even though I have been through many tough moments since last September (the last 2.5 years of my life have been a pure INITIATION into my deepest soul truth, and it generally always takes pain to get there), I have never again had a feeling of not wanting to be here.

Because I know that, as long as I am here, I have a purpose. And life has NOT forgotten me. And the same incredible intelligence that tends to my (now thriving) garden, is also tending to ME. In every single moment.

And it’s also tending to you.

There has never been a moment that you’ve been forgotten.

I know, it doesn’t feel like that sometimes.

But I PROMISE you, you are part of this web of life and you are needed, and forever supported.

If you doubt this, or if you doubt that something greater than you is holding you, please go and plant some seeds.

As you watch them grow, remember that this same force is also tending to you.

Just like a tiny seed is coded with everything it needs to grow into what it’s supposed to be, YOU are coded with everything you need to flourish in this life.

Remember, that little seed has to crack open in the darkness of the soil, and fight its way up through the dirt before it busts out into the light.

Oftentimes, we humans have to do that, too.

You have got this, just like the little seed!

Your darkest times will turn into your brightest, most thriving times.

Sending you a lot of love,


Beth x



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