I’m Beth … and here is a little bit about my journey.

When you have spent most of your life being the ‘good girl’ who grew into the ‘people pleasing woman’, there generally comes a time when you realise that it is no longer sustainable to live in this way.

This is what happened for me in 2014, when I fell sick 8 months in a row with the same virus – the very same year I qualified to help people professionally with their health, after 7 long years of full-time study …! 

I was sick, and I was ignoring the ‘why’ behind it. This was my cosmic wake-up call. This was my greatest lesson, that set the tone for my career and helped me to tap into my true soul purpose.

Although it was a painful year to say the least – wrought with burnout, chronic depletion, and immune deficiency – it was also the year that I realised that my physical symptoms were sacred messengers from my soul, asking me to reprioritise myself.

You see, I had spent my entire life believing that in order to qualify as a ‘good’ person, I had to do everything that everyone expected of me – even if it was at the expense of my own well-being, and at the expense of my soul truth.

In the years that unravelled since 2014, I have been on a deep soul journey – unlearning everything I had ever learnt about how I was ‘supposed’ to operate in this world as a woman.

Gradually, like a snake shedding its skin, I discarded the energy of the ‘good girl’ archetype that I’d been carrying my whole life, and I stepped fully into who I really am. 

♦ I’ve been on a journey into every part of my being – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

♦ I’ve built a business.

♦ I’ve moved around Australia, living in different states and having beautiful and unique experiences.

♦ I’ve learnt the burnout lesson enough times to finally get it.

♦ I’ve moved through an intense de facto break-up, lost all my money, and had to start from SCRATCH.

♦ I’ve had to dig so deep, into the depths of soul, to keep going, and to keep believing in the light on the other side of the darkness that I experienced at times.

♦ I’ve had to deeply explore my relationship with my self-worth, with money, with the energy of abundance.

♦ I’ve had to overcome my people pleasing ways, and finally learn how to embody healthy boundaries with the world.

♦ I’ve learnt to be more at peace than ever before, with people ‘not liking it’ when I follow my soul (instead of their expectations).

And along the way … I have served and supported my incredible clients and customers, using my own lessons and turning them into examples for others.

I continue to triumph despite any odds, because I am committed to my soul, 1000%.

And my life’s work is to help you to triumph as well – no matter what.

I am an advocate for YOUR soul.

I truly believe that each of us has a unique soul blueprint, a divine plan that we’re here to walk out.

I believe that the desires of our heart are communicating the truth of our soul.

And I know that those little whispers of ‘there must be something more’ … are real.

Every time I watch a woman rise up into her truth, and live it – despite what anyone thinks – my soul sings.

Because I am here to help women step into their soul truth. It is the greatest privilege and pleasure of my life.

I studied full-time for over seven years in the realms of university level science, naturopathic medicine, personal development and coaching.

Everything I learnt, I first had to apply to myself and my own life. And now, I get to apply this to help the women in my world.

Working with and helping women is my life purpose and my deepest, greatest pleasure and joy.

I encourage you to commit to the precious journey of your soul. It was, in many ways, decided before you came here. You are exactly where you are meant to be.

I hope that I can support you on your journey – in some small way – as I walk out my own.


Beth Bridges

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