Hello, amazing soul!

I’m so thrilled you want to find out more about working with me. 

My 1:1, private work with clients is all online (via Zoom), which means you can join me from wherever you are in the world.

I have worked with clients all over the globe! It is my privilege and great pleasure to support you on your journey through the power of technology. It makes my soul so happy that we can connect in this way!

If you are in Bridgetown, WA, I am also available for in-person sessions. If this is your preference, please email for bookings.

Work with Beth 1:1

Investment options (in Australian Dollars) 

♦ 60-minute Naturopathy Consultation > $140 AUD

♦ 75-minute Spiritual Life Coaching Session > $175 AUD

♦ 2-hour Soul Terrain Session > $225 AUD

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For the month of March 2024, enjoy the gift of 10% off your next session, by using the coupon code SOUL10 at checkout when you are completing your booking! 

Session types

Naturopathy Consultation – 60 minutes

The naturopathic consultation will be a thorough exploration of your health and wellness picture – a holistic deep dive into your current and past presenting symptoms, with the aim to address the root causes of such symptoms, and achieve relief and resolution. Please come with an open mind, and a willingness to explore your health picture and work with your unique body constitution in ways that you may not have done before. I look forward to helping you understand the wisdom of your body, and working together to achieve your greatest wellbeing.

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Spiritual Life Coaching Session – 75 minutes

These sessions are geared towards helping you apply spiritual laws and principles to your life, so that you can move through the challenges and curveballs, with greater ease and grace. In these sessions I’ll help you to process whatever you are moving through, shifting your energy around your life circumstances, and helping you free up your life force energy for what you really want to use it for: consciously creating your dream life!! I’ll offer you perspectives and potential solutions that you may not have been able to uncover yourself. I’ll share any intuitive guidance that comes through for you, and help you discern which direction to move in.

These sessions are perfect as a once-off (even for brand new clients), and they’re the perfect follow-up to a Soul Terrain Session. I also have many long-term clients that have worked with me in these sessions for months or years, as they have felt called. I’ve been so blessed to witness immense transformations in many of my clients – inner transformations which have led to incredible transformations in their outer world.

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Soul Terrain Session – 2 hours

These are a once-off session that are specifically designed to help you explore the terrain of your own soul. What does this mean? Each of us arrives here with a specific soul blueprint. Your unique soul energy contains all of the information and coding that is needed to guide you as you move through your human journey (if you’ll be brave enough to follow this guidance!). Our soul speaks to us and shares this valuable blueprint information with us in many different ways. And, our soul desires us to have particular experiences and follow certain paths in our lives – this is why we are ALL so different in what we are interested in, what inspires us, and what we feel called to do with our time here on earth.

In the Soul Terrain Session, you can expect a unique combination of the following:

  • An exploration of your unique soul essence; looking at what you potentially came here to offer the world and where your soul is desiring for your human self to ‘play’ as you move forward
  • An exploration of the quality of your unique / native frequency (otherwise known as vibration or energy)
  • An exploration of your chakra system and where you may be holding energetic information that needs to be cleared or integrated so you can move forward
  • An exploration of wounds / traumas that you may be experiencing and guidance as to how you can move forward and heal these, so that you can step more fully onto your most authentic path
  • An exploration of any specific intuitive / channelled guidance that comes through around your soul path
  • An exploration of any specific questions that you may have about your path
  • An exploration of your astrological and human design energetic profiles
  • I’ll also use specific oracle and / or tarot decks, as guided

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What to expect

When I work with clients, I don’t gloss over the surface. My aim is to help you dig deep into the depths of your own soul, in order to help you:

  • gain clarity around what your soul is desiring for your life path at this time, and your next steps forward
  • clear energetic blocks and old, limited beliefs that are preventing you from stepping fully onto your soul path
  • integrate the wisdom from your past challenges, so you can transmute these and move forward with the growth and the expansion that they’ve offered you
  • raise your self-worth and your self-confidence, so that you can attract and receive from a place of knowing that you deserve the best for your life
  • explore the root cause of any physical ailments that you are suffering (drawing from my experience of 6+ years of working as a naturopath)
  • plus, more!

Please scroll down for further examples of ways in which I have helped my clients over the years.

We will work together on whatever the priority is within your health, yourself, and your life, and this looks absolutely different for every individual client. 

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How can you be sure that you want to work with me? 

It can feel like a risk to invest in yourself and choose to hire someone to help you.

I completely understand this.

I always say to clients booking in: if you resonate with my writing, my blogs, and what I share on social media, then you and I are most likely going to get along super well!

If you’re not sure yet, jump on over to the blog, or find me on Facebook – if you like what you see, if it speaks to you in some way – be in touch.

Trust that you were guided here for a reason and, if you feel drawn, have the strength and courage to follow through!

I promise you – the moment you commit to being supported in this way, things will start to shift and change for you.

I have worked with hundreds of women, on many different issues!

My work is for women who —>>

  • find it basically impossible to trust the organic unfolding of their life path
  • question their purpose and the meaning of their life
  • may sometimes feel that their life is ‘a waste’
  • feel unloved / unloveable
  • can’t surrender; living in a constant state of trying to force and control everything
  • walk on eggshells to keep the peace for everyone but themselves
  • are still stuck in the ‘good girl’ archetype that they learned as children, constantly people pleasing even into their adulthood
  • are afraid of what others think of them
  • have few or no energetic boundaries
  • feel constantly drained and exhausted
  • may experience stress-related hormonal imbalances and adrenal dysfunction
  • are constantly stuck in fight/flight mode
  • have little faith that they are being taken care of by a force greater than themselves
  • feel a sense that ‘something is missing’
  • find it very difficult / challenging to use their voice to communicate their needs
  • cannot say no, or always feel like they need to justify it
  • are completely disconnected from their feminine essence
  • are moving through a dark night of the soul
  • would love to find a way to release the expectations they place on themselves, and find freedom
  • would love to start their path out of this societal matrix we live in, that traps us on the hamster wheel of burnout
  • would love to experience greater levels of emotional and physical well-being
  • would love to feel a sense of purpose as they walk out each day
  • would love to connect to their organic soul blueprint for this life
  • would love to reclaim their sovereignty
  • would love to reclaim their energy, health, and joy
  • and more!

I would simply LOVE to be someone who holds space for you as you grow, heal, transform, and change your health and your life. 

Please reach out to if you have any questions. I would be thrilled to support you.



Beth x


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