Hello, Amazing Soul!

I’m so thrilled you want to find out more about working with me. 

If you are desiring 1:1, private support, please keep reading! Please be sure to read this whole page carefully for all information about working with me in 1:1 sessions online.

Work with Beth 1:1

My 1:1, private work with clients is online (via Skype or Zoom), which means you can join me from wherever you are in the world.

I have worked with clients all over the globe! It is my great, great privilege and pleasure to support you on your journey through the power of technology. It makes my soul so happy that we can connect in this way!

There are two levels of working with me 1:1. 

These are >

EMPOWER – my one-off sessions.

EXPAND – my three-month coaching package.

Find out more about each of these, just below.


Single sessions to empower you on your path.

(To find out more detailed information about each single session type, please come on over here).

My EMPOWER single sessions are designed to help you take care of your mind, body and soul, and figure out the next steps forward.

Click HERE to find out more and book your single session in my online calendar.

I currently offer the following one-off sessions to my clients:

♦ 75-Minute Coaching Consultation // $155 AUD

♦ 75-Minute Exploration Session (Astrology + Oracle + Coaching) // $155 AUD

*** I am no longer offering Naturopathy as a service.

Please come on over here to find out more, and to book your one-off EMPOWER session in my online calendar.


Three-month supportive coaching container with Beth.

Click HERE for all details and information.

This experience will be a deep dive into all the parts of yourself and your life; a holistic examination of all the parts that make up the whole. For each woman, this looks a little (or a lot!) different, as we all have unique soul longings and desires; and unique aspects of ourselves that need more attention than others.

♦ We will look at the layers of YOU – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

♦ We will look at the different aspects of your LIFE – relationships, abundance, purpose, wellbeing, family roots.

♦ We will get clear on what you desire to call in – what your soul is truly calling you towards, as the highest and most fulfilling timeline for you to be walking.

♦ We will uncover where you feel mis-aligned with your deepest soul truths.

♦ We will examine and clear limited beliefs and viewpoints that you have about yourself and your life, and replace them with more expanded ones.

♦ We will do the incredibly important work of clearing your energetic field of all of the conditioning that has been imprinted upon you by society, family, friends, teachers; and re-calibrating your energy to the true desires of your heart and soul (the reason why you are walking this planet right now).

It’s hard for me to put into words how these programs work, because it is so very different for all women. 

This is a three-month journey of aligning with the depths of your soul, then turning that soul truth into the life that you live, every day.

For all details and information about the EXPAND three-month supportive coaching container with Beth, click HERE.

How can you be sure that you want to work with me? 

It can feel like a risk to invest in yourself and choose to hire someone to help you.

I completely understand this.

I always say to clients booking in: if you resonate with my writing, my blogs, and what I share on social media, then you and I are most likely going to get along super well!

If you’re not sure yet, jump on over to the blog, or find me on Facebook – if you like what you see, if it speaks to you in some way – be in touch.

Trust that you were guided here for a reason and, if you feel drawn, have the strength and courage to follow through!

I promise you – the moment you commit to being supported in this way, things will start to shift and change for you.

I have worked with many different women, on many different issues!

My work is for women who —>>

  • find it basically impossible to trust the organic unfolding of their life path
  • question their purpose and the meaning of their life
  • may sometimes feel that their life is ‘a waste’
  • feel unloved / unloveable
  • can’t surrender; living in a constant state of trying to force and control everything
  • walk on eggshells to keep the peace for everyone but themselves
  • are still stuck in the ‘good girl’ archetype that they learned as children, constantly people pleasing even into their adulthood
  • are afraid of what others think of them
  • have few or no energetic boundaries
  • feel constantly drained and exhausted
  • may experience stress-related hormonal imbalances and adrenal dysfunction
  • are constantly stuck in fight/flight mode
  • have little faith that they are being taken care of by a force greater than themselves
  • feel a sense that ‘something is missing’
  • find it very difficult / challenging to use their voice to communicate their needs
  • cannot say no, or always feel like they need to justify it
  • are completely disconnected from their feminine essence
  • are moving through a dark night of the soul
  • would love to find a way to release the expectations they place on themselves, and find freedom
  • would love to start their path out of this societal matrix we live in, that traps us on the hamster wheel of burnout
  • would love to experience greater levels of emotional and physical well-being
  • would love to feel a sense of purpose as they walk out each day
  • would love to connect to their organic soul blueprint for this life
  • would love to reclaim their sovereignty
  • would love to reclaim their energy, health, and joy
  • and more!

I would simply LOVE to be someone who holds space for you as you grow, heal, transform, and change your health and your life. 

Please reach out to if you have any questions. We would be thrilled to support you.

With love,


Beth x


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