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Hello! I’m Beth.

My purpose in life is to hold you accountable to your own soul.

For 9+ years now, I’ve worked with gorgeous women all over the world, with one intention at the forefront: authenticity.

I know that you arrived here with a unique soul blueprint.
Destined to walk a path quite unlike anyone else’s.

I also know how hard it can be to embody your deepest truth and live your dreams, in the face of the immense conditioning that we receive from this society, and through the many pressures of life.

I’ve watched many women courageously claim their life force back from the world, put an end to their people pleasing ways, and step back into their power.

The journey within my work – my 1:1 private work, eCourses, and writing – is always about coming home to your own soul. And living solely and wholly from that place.

Offering your unique soul essence to the world, is exactly what you came here to do.

Are you ready to truly embody your authenticity?

Find out how to work with me, from wherever you live, just here.


Shedding the ‘good girl’ archetype.

As women, I believe we have been conditioned from the smallest of ages to constantly make sure everyone is pleased with us. It’s the ‘good girl’ energetic archetype. The good girl may embody the energy of these kinds of statements … ‘It doesn’t matter if I’m uncomfortable, as long as everyone else is comfortable’. ‘I shouldn’t speak my needs in...
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Women, Boundaries & Self-Worth.

The ability to set and also HOLD firm boundaries is DIRECTLY correlated to our level of self-worth … When we have a strong sense of self-worth, we’ll no longer … People please at the expense of our own (very valid) needs, just to make sure someone will continue to like us Accept situations and circumstances that impede upon our own...
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If something is trying to leave your life, let it!

If something is trying to leave your life … let it!  If something is trying to leave your life and you continue to hold on, pushing against the absolute intelligence of your own life path, it may eventually become toxic to you. The relationship that has run it’s course, and pushes past its medicinal phase. The job or business that’s...
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Overcoming self-betrayal.

Very commonly in my 1:1 sessions with clients, the topic of self-betrayal arises, to be explored and (eventually) overcome. Self-betrayal occurs when we allow our precious life force energy to be used in ways that don’t feel intuitively right or good to us.  This can occur in a multitude of different circumstances. Such circumstances generally fall into one of the following categories: 1....
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The Rebirth.

In life, we go through SO many symbolic deaths. These death phases — the dark night of the soul, the breakdown — they generally feel … awful. When you’re in that place, it’s so very hard to see the light. When you are called to uplevel in your life — and step onto your truest soul path — a death...
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Embracing a new beginning.

Sometimes, life is going to take things away, and invite you to have a completely fresh start … And it might be without the financial security you were used to. Or without the relationship. Or without the familiar home. Or without the job that was your self-appointed identity. Or without … whatever else. Sometimes life delivers us these ‘tower moments’...
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You are magnificent in your authenticity.

This is what I have observed about the process of stepping completely, 100% into embodying my true, authentic soul essence > ♦ The more authentic I am, the more backlash I receive. ♦ The more I truly be myself, the more people don’t like me. ♦ The more I honour my internal compass of knowing when to say yes or...
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Allowing hustle to give way to flow.

The energy of hustle, to me, is equivalent to the energy of not trusting life. When we’re in the energy of hustle, we’re essentially using the force of our human will, to try and make life unfold in the way we want it to. Overly celebrated in our modern day culture as ‘productivity’ and ‘achievement’. When we’re in the energy...
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The Standstill.

The Standstill. When we are moving through a period of ‘standstill’ in life, it can be easy to believe that we have been forgotten. Especially if that period of time is a bit lengthier than the ego believes it should be. Heart grief can set in as our mind comes up with all sorts of ideas about how the life...
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Embracing your spiritual lessons.

In life, we will ALL be delivered spiritual lessons that will often be disguised as pain, hardship, and challenge. ‘Disguised’ is the right word, because underneath the darkness of pain, the angst of challenge, the terror of extreme hardship … lies absolute spiritual gold. The darkness is a disguise, that will inevitably lead us to the light of revelation, insight and...
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