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Boundaries. There is no doubt about it – they are uncomfortable.

And yet, boundaries are literally a key which will unlock doors of higher vitality, fulfilment, and abundance in our lives.

Boundaries are the way in which we teach the world how to treat us. Our boundaries are a sacred energetic envelope that keep us safe and secure, as we walk out our soul journey. They are an absolutely essential life skill to master, and become comfortable with.

In my 8 years of practicing one-on-one with women, boundaries are the one issue that consistently arise, again and again and again.

Because women have been so deeply conditioned to people please, to take the role of the martyr, and to deny their own (very valid) needs and desires, setting and holding boundaries can feel genuinely excruciating. 

In this eBook, I take you on a journey of exploring exactly why it feels so hard to set boundaries, the inner work that needs to happen so that you can finally feel safe and secure and worthy of having boundaries, and finally, how to actually approach boundaries in your real life.

We’ll talk about …

  • How women are conditioned from the youngest of ages to become people pleasers, and how this automatically sets us up for a hard time with ever having boundaries in our adult lives
  • The different archetypes that women tend to embody that we need to outgrow, so we can step into more empowered versions of ourselves
  • Our search for external validation and approval from the world, and how this holds us back from saying no where we need to, and asserting our boundaries where we need to
  • A deep dive into the concept of self-worth, and how our self-worth is absolutely intricately linked to our ability to successfully hold boundaries in our lives
  • The importance of having boundaries as this relates to our physical and energetic health, and living out our soul purpose
  • Practical, how-to advice on beginning your tangible boundaries journey in your life after you have worked through the inner foundational healing

This eBook is straightforward, easy to read, and is going to shed so much light upon why it’s always felt so difficult for you to honour yourself.

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If you are looking for further support on your journey with boundaries, my online Boundaries Workshop contains 3.5 hours of guidance around this topic, and is available for enrolment at any time, wherever you are in the world.

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Beth x


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