It is time to remember who you really are.

And what you really came here for.

It is time to EXPAND into the truth of your soul.

Hi, beautiful human! 


I want to take this opportunity to remind you:

♦ You are so much more than just your body, your job, your responsibilities, and your problems.

♦ You did not come here to simply … survive.

♦ There is MORE to your existence than just paying bills and then leaving this earthly plane.


Because, in fact …

♥ YOU are an eternal soul, housed temporarily in this physical body, which you’ve been gifted so that you can offer your wonderfully unique contribution to humanity.

♥ YOU have a unique blueprint to walk out in this lifetime.

♥ YOU are needed, loved, valued and appreciated.

♥ YOU have the opportunity to thrive, flourish and EXPAND into the fullest expression of your own soul, right now.

♥ YOU are a powerful creator, and you get to use your energy, thoughts, words, and actions to bring forth the life of your dreams.


There is absolutely no reason why you can’t have this experience, in this lifetime. It’s just up to you to claim it. 

If you have landed here, and if these words are resonating for you, it’s simply because you know there is more available to you, and more for you to offer.

More love.
More abundance.
More joy.
More soul-fulfilling moments of connection.

Deep within yourself, you may feel the pain of not living in alignment with your own soul.

And it really is pain.

It’s a pain that will stay with you, eating you up at a heart level, until you finally listen.

If you are ready to listen, and to EXPAND into the truth of who you really are, then this eCourse may be your next step.

Over the past 4 years, life has taken me on the craziest journey – one that, at times, I honestly didn’t believe I would survive.

To most of the people in my life, it seemed as though I was ‘fine’. Because I’m good at putting on a brave face.

But, internally, I felt like I was dying.

And, in a sense, I was. Symbolically.

Every single part of my life that was no longer in alignment with the absolute TRUTH of my soul, had to die over the past few years.

As the rug got pulled out from underneath me, again and again … as life stripped me bare of everything my ego was CLINGING to for dear life, I crashed and burned. Completely.

And at my absolute rock bottom, I had the opportunity to cleanse and shed ALL that was no longer in alignment.

I went through what felt like a thousand ego deaths, as I came back to the truth of what is actually important.

And then, tentatively, I started to rebuild my life … upon new foundations.

Stronger foundations. Foundations rooted in clarity, joy, love, abundance, and TRUTH.

And now I stand, solid and strong in the truth of who I am, and why I am here.

Connected deeply to my own soul.

Consciously choosing what I wish to call forth in my life.

Finding joy, love and abundance in my every day experience.

And I KNOW that you can have all of this.


EXPAND is an online experience for those who are ready to expand into the fullest potential of their SOUL … right now, in this lifetime.

♦ For those who are ready to harness the power of their own energetic vibration, to call in what they really desire.

♦ For those who are ready to identify and release all of the limiting energetic imprints and limiting beliefs that have kept them STUCK so far in their life.

♦ For those who are ready to say goodbye to constant depletion, and welcome in vitality.

♦ For those who have a greater vision for their life, one that they are ready to say YES to.

♦ For those who are ready to walk in FAITH, rather than fear.

EXPAND is an online journey that will walk you through the following six areas of yourself and your life ..



We explore how your inner landscape (which is your unique energetic vibration, your thoughts, your beliefs, and your emotions) is creating your outer world, and how you can begin to SHIFT your inner world to create the change you desire in your outer reality.



We explore your unique soul blueprint, how you can identify your soul purpose and bring this to life, and how to start living by the guidance of your Soul Self instead of your Human Self.



We explore divinity, we re-open the channels of communication between you and your Source; and we overcome the illusion of separateness so that we can live with the KNOWING that we are forever held, supported and deeply loved by Life itself.



We explore the modern epidemic that is burnout and depletion, how this problem has been created by modern society, and how to overcome this, once and for all, by living in alignment with the truth of your own soul (instead of the expectations of society and other people).



We explore purification and detoxification on every level – physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically – so that we can shed and purge all that no longer serves us, and create the solid foundations for our new life.



We explore your unique vision for your life as you move forward, expanding into your highest timeline for this lifetime, allowing you to choose that path with clarity and conviction; and knowing with certainty that it is already done in the quantum realm, and that it’s only a matter of time before your vision manifests physically.

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Are you ready to Expand?

This is what you came here for …

  • Module 1


    We cover >


    ♦ The way in which your inner world (your energetic vibration, thoughts, beliefs and emotions) literally creates your outer reality (as within, so without!)


    ♦ The concept of energetic vibration/frequency, and how you can change your unique vibrational signature, and become an energetic match for all that you desire


    ♦ Living in creator consciousness, as opposed to victim consciousness


    ♦ Creating from the quantum field, as is taught by some of the worlds leading physicists, doctors, and scientists


    ♦ The concept of masculine and feminine energy, and the role they each play in the unfolding of our reality


    ♦ Deciding to once and for all take charge of your life by CHOOSING to change your energy


    ♦ I share with you my personal experience of how working with my own energy has changed my life forever, and allowed me to understand that I am truly the creator of my own experience, releasing fear after fear in the process

  • Module 2


    We cover >


    ♦ The notion of the soul, and how your soul is the non-physical, eternal part of you that is forever connected to Source


    ♦ Exploring your unique soul blueprint, and how this blueprint holds the key to understanding your unique purpose in this life


    ♦ Reclaiming the sovereignty of your soul, and committing deeply to living by the truth of your soul, instead of by the expectations of society, family, or friends


    ♦ How to open up and maintain a constant dialogue with your own soul, so that you can stop looking outside yourself for answers, and find that wisdom within


    ♦ Teaching your ‘Human Self’ to bow down to the wisdom of your ‘Soul Self’


    ♦ How truly important it is for each of us to be stepping up and expanding into our unique soul truth, so that we can help light the way for others


    ♦ Exploring both the seen and the unseen worlds, and opening up to the magic of the unseen

  • Module 3


    We cover >


    ♦ The illusion of ‘separateness’; how we have been conditioned to believe that we are doing life alone, when the real truth is that we are deeply and forever supported, held and LOVED by the very Source that created us


    ♦ Re-connecting to Source energy and living your life from a place of KNOWING that you are supported and guided, in every single moment


    ♦ The notion of faith, and how to live from a place where faith is greater than fear, so that you no longer have to hold yourself back from bringing your dreams to life


    ♦ Why trust is the antidote to worry, and an essential piece of the ‘faith puzzle’


    ♦ Surrendering to the divine timing of your unfolding soul journey


    ♦ Exploration of the main chakra system, the divine energetic centres housed within our physical bodies


    ♦ Practices for opening yourself up to receive divine guidance as a normal and expected part of your everyday experience


    ♦ Trusting your intuitive knowing and becoming more sensitive to energy

  • Module 4


    We cover >


    ♦ Taking a good look at the modern epidemic of adrenal fatigue (chronic burnout / exhaustion), and how this condition is induced by the way we currently live in modern society, and how it keeps us from stepping into our highest truth and fullest soul potential


    ♦ The way in which women’s reproductive hormones are drastically impacted by stress, creating a world of modern women who are living in pure survival


    ♦ The steps to getting out of survival mode by healing the nervous system, and why this is an absolutely KEY step in the recovery process that simply cannot be skipped


    ♦ Looking at wellbeing on every level – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and exploring which areas of yourself you may need to work on


    ♦ Why BOUNDARIES are an essential step in the healing process for most women


    ♦ How the physical body is the temple that houses the divine part of you – the soul – and why it is our absolute personal responsibly to take care of our physical vessel with the utmost reverence


    ♦ Choosing a lifestyle that is more suited to the needs of your body and soul in this lifetime

  • Module 5


    We cover >


    ♦ Why it is so important to PURIFY on every level – physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically


    ♦ How purification (detoxification) on all of these levels makes way for the NEW, and the most soul aligned life to flow in, basically setting you up as a clean slate


    ♦ I take you through my personal process that I use on the daily for clearing out energetic imprints and limiting beliefs from my energy field and subconscious mind – an essential process because you cannot build a new life on a foundation of inauthentic and outdated energies and beliefs

  • Module 6


    We cover >


    ♦ Now that all the groundwork is done, you are ready to hone in on your soul vision, integrating all that we have already covered – this is why this module comes last!


    ♦ I guide you to get clear on your VISION – the highest timeline that you can feel into and envision for your life, and truly COMMIT to that, and choose it on an energetic level. This is the most exciting part!


    ♦ Once you are clear on this, you are truly ready to EXPAND into your soul truth. We talk about moving forward with all that you have learnt, and starting to take tangible action steps in the physical world to bring your vision to life

Ready To Expand?

  • One-Time Payment

    $299 AUD

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This eCourse is perfect for you if …

♥ If you resonate with my energy and my teachings, and the content on my blog and social media

♥ If you know there is MORE in store for you but you continually feel blocked and held back

♥ If you have recently been through a dark night of the soul, or are currently in this phase and feeling ready to move forward

♥ If you have an idea of what your vision is but are not quite sure why you haven’t been able to bring it into reality yet

♥ If you are COMMITTED to doing the inner work, which, just like anything else, will take your time and effort, in exchange for a completely different life experience

♥ If you have a desire in your heart to give this lifetime your all, and to fully live exactly the life that your soul wants you to live

♥ If you are absolutely tired of living inauthentically

♥ If you would love to be immersed in the high-vibrational energies of inspiration, joy, and love throughout this process

♥ If you have a desire to learn new concepts and ideas that can help you change your outlook on life

♥ If you want to get INSPIRED, and live from that place

Each of these six modules includes video, written and audio content.

The composition of each module is slightly different, but the vast majority of the content is in video format, so that for each module you are receiving hours of information on the topic.

This format makes it similar to coaching sessions with me, but at a fraction of the cost of working with me 1:1.

Audio content comes in the form of audio meditations and podcast episodes, which are downloadable to your device.

Written content is there to assist you to dive deeper with the given topic, and will include my recommendations for ‘homework’ that you can do to assist the process.

You have lifetime access to this eCourse, which means that as long as the internet exists, you can revisit whenever you desire. 


How do I know if I want to join this eCourse?

I am a firm believer in intuition and soul knowing. If you feel innately drawn to this 6-week experience, listen to that. You will know what to do. If you really would love to join in … take a little chance on yourself. Who knows what amazing shifts, changes and transformations you could create in your life?

How long do I need to set aside to work through the content?

You can, of course, work through the material at your own pace. There is NO rush! You don’t have to work through the modules week by week,  because you will have ongoing access. Just take your time.

Do I have lifetime access?

Yes! Once you sign up for this eCourse, you have lifetime access to it, as long as the internet exists!

Do you offer personalised email support throughout the course?

I do not offer personalised email support throughout the course, but I would be delighted to support your individual health journey through 1:1 sessions. Of course, if you have any technical issues accessing any of the material, or would like to book a 1:1 Skype session with me alongside doing this eCourse, you can email at any time, for assistance.

How do I pay?

Payments are made via PayPal.

Is my payment refundable?

Payments are non-refundable.

Beth Bridges is a Naturopath and Life Coach for women.

She deeply believes that true wellness must encompass not only physical health, but also fulfilment of one’s life purpose.

She specialises in women’s health and hormones, burnout and exhaustion, stress-related adrenal dysfunction, and helping one to find their true soul essence and bring that into their everyday life.

Beth is on a mission to help women all over the world to slow down and tune into their own spirit, so they can live a healthy, fulfilling and inspired life.


Join the Soul Journey with Beth... it's free!