Welcome to EXPAND – a three-month, longer-term coaching container with me.

This experience will be a deep dive into all the parts of yourself and your life; a holistic examination of all the parts that make up the whole. For each woman, this looks a little (or a lot!) different, as we all have unique soul longings and desires; and unique aspects of ourselves that need more attention than others.

We will look at the layers of YOU – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We will look at the different aspects of your LIFE – relationships, abundance, purpose, wellbeing, family roots.

We will uncover where you feel mis-aligned with your deepest soul truths.

We will examine and clear limited beliefs and viewpoints that you have about yourself and your life, and replace them with more expanded ones.

We will explore potential energetic blocks in your energy centres.

We will raise your energetic frequency, so that you can’t help but to magnetise more and more people, situations, and things to be grateful for.

This is a three-month journey of aligning with the depths of your soul, then turning that soul truth into the life that you live, every day.

EXPAND includes:

♦ 9 x 60-minute Skype coaching sessions with me (3 per month)

♦ My 4-module EMPOWER eCourse (lifetime access)

♦ I provide you with detailed notes after each consultation, to help you consolidate and integrate what we have covered and to give you actionable steps to work on until our next session

♦ Any oracle or tarot readings from our sessions will also be provided for you, alongside any additional resources that I deem relevant for you and your progress and growth

♦ I look up your astrological birth chart and human design profile before we begin our work together, to help me understand your unique characteristics and inform me as to the best way to work with you (I share all this information with you when we begin)

I designed this program for the woman truly desires to expand into her deepest truth, in every aspect of herself, and her life. 

The longer commitment affords you the opportunity to truly commit – to YOU. I am simply here to help facilitate your expansion. I will be beside you each step of the way!

I promise to help you see your divinity, your potential, and the depths of your own soul. It is my intention that life will not be the same for you (in a good way!) after working with me.

You can join me from wherever you are in the world – I work with women globally. 

The investment for EXPAND is as follows:

One-time payment of $1555 AUD (or, three monthly payments of $577 AUD)

If you’re interested in joining me to EXPAND, please book your 20-minute free Discovery Session via the link below.

We will use this time to discern your needs, and to see if we are a great fit for working together in this way.

Click HERE to book your free Discovery Session.

If you have questions, please email

With love, 


Beth x


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