Knowing yours, and holding and honouring them, is the key that unlocks the door to the experience of life that your soul deeply desires.

I spent almost my whole life struggling with the concept of boundaries. Like many women, I was trained from a young age by this world to be the good girl, constantly sacrificing my authentic self to make sure people were happy and pleased with me.

Carrying this into adulthood, it destroyed my adrenals over and over again, led me along paths that weren’t a reflection of my soul truth, and left me feeling angry and resentful that I was getting walked all over like a doormat.

I’ve spent a good decade not only exploring and deeply traversing this topic within my own personal life, but also supporting other women to do the same.

Now at a point in my life where it’s no longer an option to betray myself in the way that I used to, I’m here to share with you everything I know about the topic of boundaries in this affordable, accessible online workshop.

Join me in the online Boundaries Workshop, which you can take part in from anywhere in the world, at any time, for $99 AUD.

Over the 4 modules within this workshop, we’ll cover the following topics related to boundaries >

  • Reasons why we may struggle deeply much with boundaries and saying no
  • The ‘inner war’ that is often waged between your people pleasing self and your authentic self
  • Deeply understanding the potent subconscious programming that we receive in this society as young children, which set us up for a lifetime of no boundaries
  • Exploring the conditioning that women in particular have received around our expected roles in society
  • The search for external validation that many of us are engaging in when we don’t set boundaries
  • Exploring the energetic archetypes that you may be embodying, such as the martyr, the people pleaser, the good girl, and others … and how to shed these from your system so you can be liberated into a new version of yourself
  • The profound link between boundaries and self-worth
  • The connection between your soul purpose and boundaries, and it is so essential to have boundaries in order to become a match for your deepest soul dreams and desires
  • Why no boundaries will inevitably lead to burnout
  • Why difficult emotions such as anger, rage, and resentment are actually our greatest guides around where we need to set boundaries in our lives
  • Boundaries as they relate to the inner child
  • The energetics behind boundaries, and what they communicate to the universe when you hold them and honour them for yourself
  • The difference between energetic, verbal and physical boundaries, and how to know when each is appropriate
  • Actionable advice around how to identify where in your life boundaries are necessary, and how to actually begin to implement these boundaries in a safe, supported way
  • Templates for how you can speak your needs and boundaries in a written and / or verbal way, to help you get started
  • How to approach boundaries in close relationships such as with friends and family
  • How to not feel guilt about speaking your needs
  • And … more!

Important information about joining >

This in-depth online workshop is all pre-recorded, and when you join you receive ongoing access to the content, so that you can work through it at your own pace, and revisit your favourite parts whenever you wish.

Upon purchase, you receive ongoing access to the content.

The content is divided into four specific modules, and is a mixture of (mostly) video, and written content. The workshop contains roughly 3.5 hours of video content, which you can move through at your own pace, along with the written prompts to help you to reflect and delve deeper into your inner world, and eventually take action.

You can join in from anywhere in the world – you simply need a device and an internet connection to view the content!

The Boundaries Workshop is available for purchase for $99 AUD. 

How to purchase >

To purchase access to the Boundaries Workshop, click HERE to be directed to PayPal, where you can make your purchase.

After your purchase is made, please allow 12 hours for me to contact you with your confirmation of purchase and your login details for the workshop.

Please note: this confirmation email will be delivered to the email address attached to your PayPal account. If you desire to be contacted at a different email address, simply email to provide your best email address.

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