When it comes to bringing our soul’s desires to life, energy is everything.

To be a conscious creator, means that you take responsibility for your part of the deal – which is, to take responsibility for your energy (or specifically, what frequency your energy is vibrating at …).

From that energy, the universe will match you with the tangible manifestation of your desire – when the timing is exactly right.

And while this might seem like a complex concept, it’s actually incredibly simple.

The late and great Albert Einstein said, everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it … match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. 

So, you might ask, if it’s this simple, then why haven’t I created everything I desire?

Well, the ‘problem’ is that there are many ‘roadblocks’ that stand in the way of us embodying the energetic frequency of what we desire.

Limiting beliefs, programming and conditioning.
Traumas that get stored in the body as energy.
Low self-worth.
And so many others.

And so, if we’d like to consciously create our lives, we simply must take responsibility for these things.

We must heal them and move beyond them, so we can step into the frequency of our desired future.

The truth is, we live surrounded by a field of incredible, loving intelligence. There is nothing holding us back from experiencing our desired reality … except ourselves

I understand the frustration of feeling like you’ll never manifest what you desire in life.

Believe me … I really get it. And at times, it can feel heart-breaking. It can make you want to give up on yourself, on your soul, and on your life.

But that doesn’t have to be your story. 

If you’re willing to turn your attention inwards, and take radical responsibility for your life, then you can become a successful, conscious creator.

The journey will not be overnight. It will require dedication, perseverance and deep commitment.

If this is a journey you want to embark upon, I invite you to join me for my upcoming online workshop, which will give you information, concepts, and tools for understanding and working with all of the above … so that you can begin your journey of consciously creating your soul’s desires!

Join me in the online Conscious Creator Workshop, which you can take part in from anywhere in the world, at any time, for $99 AUD.

Over 3 modules in this workshop, we’ll cover the following topics related to consciously creating >

  • What does it actually mean to co-create with God/Source?
  • What is your role/responsibility as a human in the divine co-creation process?
  • What is the quantum field, and how to we access it?
  • What do energy, vibration and frequency have to do with the creation process (and what’s the difference between all the fancy words?!)
  • What are the common roadblocks that stop many humans from creating what they desire? (This is really important, because once you know your personal roadblocks … you can start to unblock them!)
  • How can I begin the creation process, with tangible action steps?
  • How do I balance both the masculine (action-oriented) and feminine (receiving and surrendered) energies within my own creation process?
  • How can I embody greater levels of trust in my process, so that I don’t keep giving up on myself and my soul desires?
  • Making a commitment to what you desire to create, and actually getting this process rolling!

Important information about joining >

This in-depth online workshop is all pre-recorded, and when you join you receive ongoing access to the content, so that you can work through it at your own pace, and revisit your favourite parts whenever you wish.

Upon purchase, you receive ongoing access to the content.

The content is divided into three specific modules, and is a mixture of (mostly) video, audio, and written content.

You can join in from anywhere in the world – you simply need a device and an internet connection to view the content!

The Conscious Creator Workshop is available for purchase for $99 AUD.

How to purchase >

To purchase access to the Conscious Creator Workshop, click HERE to be directed to PayPal, where you can make your purchase.

After your purchase is made, please allow 12 hours for me to contact you with your confirmation of purchase and your login details for the workshop.

Please note: this confirmation email will be delivered to the email address attached to your PayPal account. If you desire to be contacted at a different email address, simply email provide your best email address.

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