Have you ever wondered …

What would it be like to live life as your truest, most authentic self?

No masks, no personas, no pretending, no covering up who you really are.

Complete freedom to be YOU.

Imagine going all in on being who you came here to be …

Radiating your soul essence into the world, and experiencing the deep and lasting fulfilment that comes with doing so …

Knowing that each and every day, no matter what is going on in your world, you have shown up for your unique soul blueprint, in courage and with faith that life is supporting you as you live your truth …


Well, all of this is available to you. It’s available to all of us.

My greatest joy in life is helping people connect back in to their soul essence, and truly live from that place.

I like to hold people accountable to their own soul.

It’s what I do with clients, and it’s also how I live my life – day in, day out.

I used to be so disconnected from myself. Constantly shape-shifting between different identities – like the chameleon – in order to please other people, and living in line with the way society told me I ‘should’ be. I felt like my life was meaningless.

It wasn’t until I finally disconnected my attention from the outside world, and went within, that I discovered who I was at a soul level, and where my unique soul journey was leading me in this lifetime.

Every week, I get to work with courageous people who are taking steps to bring their life back into alignment with their soul truth + essence. Despite what anyone else says about it.

In this online workshop, I’m going to be sharing with you how you can begin the journey (or continue the journey) of coming back home to yourself. 

The journey of coming home – to your soul – is, I believe, one of the most profound experiences we can have.

Join me in the online Embodying Your Soul Essence Workshop, which you can take part in from anywhere in the world, at any time, for $99 AUD.

Over the 3 modules within this online workshop, we’re going to cover the following topics related to embodying your soul essence >

  • What it means to embody your soul essence
  • The concept of the soul, and the unique blueprint of your soul
  • Your authentic self versus your inauthentic self, and how to know which you are embodying at any given time
  • Exploring how childhood conditioning can oftentimes set us up for operating inauthentically in the world
  • Exploring moments in childhood or throughout your life where your started to suppress or deny your authentic self, in order to find a sense of safety and belonging
  • Why it is truly so important for you to live life as your authentic self / in alignment with your soul blueprint
  • Discovering the masks or personas that you currently switch between in order to hide your authentic self from the world, and how to start to let go of these … so you can be who you came here to be
  • Exploring the dark night of the soul, and how this can be a time of immense transformation, and a portal into a new version of yourself and your life
  • Finding a sense of meaning, purpose, and fulfilment in life
  • Moving through the deconditioning process and becoming an energetic blank slate for a new, more soul-aligned life to unfurl
  • Developing a daily practice for your own soul connection
  • Taking the leaps of faith towards your soul-aligned dreams
  • Identifying what your soul is calling you towards in this lifetime
  • Letting go of other peoples fears and doubts when it comes to your own soul-aligned life
  • Meditations to help you find your centre and connect back to your soul energy / essence
  • Plus, more!

Important information about joining >

This in-depth online workshop is all pre-recorded, and when you join you receive ongoing access to the content, so that you can work through it at your own pace, and revisit your favourite parts whenever you wish.

Upon purchase, you receive ongoing access to the content.

The content is divided into three specific modules, and is a mixture of (mostly) video, written, and audio content (including guided meditations which are downloadable to your device).

You can join in from anywhere in the world – you simply need a device and an internet connection to view the content!

The Embodying Your Soul Essence Workshop is available for purchase for $99 AUD. 

How to purchase >

To purchase access to the Embodying Your Soul Essence Workshop, click HERE to be directed to PayPal, where you can make your purchase.

After your purchase is made, please allow 12 hours for me to contact you with your confirmation of purchase and your login details for the workshop.

Please note: this confirmation email will be delivered to the email address attached to your PayPal account. If you desire to be contacted at a different email address, simply email to provide your best email address.

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To your soul,


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