♥ Let’s work together!

Book your single Naturopathy + Coaching session with me (via skype OR in-person).

90 minute session* / $225

60 minute session / $175

45 minute session / $135

30 minute session / $90

*(All initial consultations are 90 minutes – the price of this session includes the time I spend after our consultation creating your detailed notes and treatment plan, sent to you via email).

Are you in it for the long haul?

If you feel like your body, mind and soul are nudging you towards great change within your health and your life … consider coming to join me for 3 months, so you can enter 2018 with the support that you desire. 

2018 Private Coaching Experience

The details: 

// 7 x 1:1 Skype sessions with me.

  • Your first session is 90 minutes – this is where we deeply look at what is going on for you, and set the tone for YOUR next three months.
  • The rest of your sessions are 60 minutes.
  • Sessions are spaced at around 2 weeks apart – the duration of this package is 3-4 months.
  • All you need to get the very most out of a 1:1 Skype session is a good, strong internet connection, and a quiet space!

// Unlimited email access. This is truly priceless. You have unlimited access to me for the duration of our time together.

// Your own deck of the stunning ‘Ask An Angel’ oracle cards by visionary Toni Carmine Salerno. (Posted to you).

// 1 x personalised Australian Bushflower Essence, based on your individual needs. (Posted to you).

// Detailed notes emailed to you after each of our sessions, with all of my suggestions, tips, and treatment recommendations for your journey.

The dates: 

We start our work together in early January, 2018. (However, I do have limited spaces for a few early birds to have their first session in mid-December).

The investment: 

4 x monthly payments of $387 AUD


One-time payment of $1399 AUD

(Monthly payment plan paid via PayPal, one-time payment paid via PayPal or bank transfer).

If you are interested, email me to arrange your complimentary 20-minute phone chat.

You’ll have an opportunity to ask me any questions you might have, and we’ll see if we’re a great fit for each other.

Working with me in this program IS for you if: 

  • You are committed to yourself and willing to make change (which also means stepping outside of your comfort zones, being willing to do things a little differently, and choosing courage!).
  • You are willing to look at all areas of your life (not just your physical health).
  • You feel a consistent sense of unfulfilment, but can’t figure out what needs to shift or change.
  • You are wanting to heal and balance your hormones, address any problems with your period, recover from burnout and adrenal fatigue, and / or achieve your greatest well-being.
  • You are wanting to end the cycles of people pleasing that have been controlling your life until now.
  • You are wanting to create firmer boundaries, increase your self-care, and get much better at saying no!
  • You are interested in exploring what your SOUL wants from you.
  • You feel as though you aren’t quite being your true self in the world (yet).
  • You are wanting to change your life direction (in one or many aspects), but don’t know where to start.
  • You need a bit of a ‘push’ (or a gentle shove!!) in the direction of action.
  • You know what you need to do, but you’re just not doing it.
  • You know that you deeply resonate with my blogs and other work (if you do, we are already connected!).

Working with me in this program ISN’T for you if:

  • You only want to focus on your physical health (without looking at other areas of your life as well).
  • You don’t enjoy exploring the concepts of purpose / soul fulfilment / self-expression / authenticity, etc.

♥ How do you know if you want to work with me? 

It can feel like a risk to invest in yourself and choose to hire someone to help you. I completely understand this.

I always say to clients booking in: if you resonate with my writing, my blogs, and what I share on social media, then you and I are most likely going to get along super well!

If you’re not sure yet, jump on over to the blog, or find me on Facebook or Instagram – if you like what you see, if it speaks to you in some way – be in touch.

Trust that you were guided here for a reason and, if you feel drawn, have the strength and courage to follow through!

I promise you – the moment you commit to being supported in this way, things will start to shift and change for you.

Much love xx

♥ FAQs

Where do you run sessions?

Sessions are run online, via Skype – unless you are in Melbourne, in which case limited in-person sessions can be arranged in Brighton.

How do I pay?

All payments are made in advance of sessions, via PayPal. I will send you a PayPal link to make payment.

When do I pay? 

Payments are made in advance of Skype sessions (or at the time of our appointment for in-person sessions).

Is my payment refundable? 

Payments are non-refundable, but they are transferrable.

Do you have a cancellation policy? 

Any sessions that are cancelled within 24 hours of the session booking, will be charged 100% of the consult fee – OR – pre-paid sessions will be forfeited. Please, if you are booking in for a session – I kindly ask that you honour my time, as I also honour yours. Thank you!

 Are you in?

Contact me!


Big love,

Beth x

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